DARK Brand Ibiza by Clandestino

Address / Location

Street of the Virgin 39. 07800 Ibiza

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From Monday to Sunday from 16 hours to 2 in the early morning
Closed for vacations
From November to March, both included

DARK Brand Ibiza by Clandestino dresses men and women with style and without complexes. Black is his fetish color and his sexy and original accessories your downfall

OSCURO Brand Ibiza by Clandestino is a fashion shop in the center of Ibiza with a very particular style.

Its collection has been created to adapt perfectly to the brazen and provocative atmosphere of one of the streets with more life on the island: the of the Virgin, where he was born four years ago

OSCURO Brand Ibiza by Clandestino is a fusion between fashion, music and audiovisual media. In recent years, Clandestino IBIZA STORE He has transformed his way of working and the product he offers. His outfits for men and women focus on black, night and music. Elegant and transgressive clothes on par with a Strong personality. In addition to manufacturing Exclusive and unique garments, They provide a space in which to create their own identity and philosophy through their clothing and accessories.

OSCURO Brand Ibiza by Clandestino owns more than 15 years of experience in the world of fashion, with what your team will offer you a magnificent personalized advice.

As for the accessories, you can get glasses, hats, suggestive masks or lingerie for women of the most daring.

Every two weeks approximately they renew part of their articles and, if you need to make an arrangement, you just have to ask for it.

The maxim of OSCURO Brand Ibiza by Clandestino is to take care of the customer. Therefore, they always have some detail with them as discount cards. It is more, to Residents and workers in Ibiza apply an 25% discount in almost all his collection. A luxury!

To dress in a way original, transgressive and with character, Visit OSCURO Brand Ibiza by Clandestino.

How to get there

Go to the Old Market, in front of the portal of ses Taules and, in a corner, you will see the famous Croissant Show. You have to go to the back street and follow it towards the port. Before arriving, you will find the street of the Virgin. Take it and go straight until you see the store.


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