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Calle del Mar 29, 07800 Ibiza

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From April to 31 from October from 10 to 24 hours
Closed for vacations
From November to March included

In the neighborhood of La Marina Ibiza you will find the Egoísta store, a clothing and accessories boutique for women that will advise you so you can look perfect

One of the things for which the beautiful neighborhood of La Marina de Ibiza it's because of the number of stores that it owns.

One of them is the Egoist clothing boutique, that carries twenty years in the area serving both tourists and residents with the same enthusiasm as the first day it opened.

In it you can find women's clothing, casual and sexy at the same time, a free woman with a young spirit and wanting to dress differently from the rest.

The same team of Egoísta is in charge of selecting the garments that make up their collections. They bring them from as different points as Italy, France, England or Spain, so the styles are very diverse and it will be really easy to find a model according to your tastes.

Count on pieces for day to day and for special moments. Basics, embroidery, prints, rhinestones ... Virtually all styles are present in sizes that go, in general, from the 36 to the 44.

In addition to clothes, in Egoísta they have those accessories that you need so that your look is complete. Bags of different sizes and materials, costume jewelery, belts, hats ...

They also have a small collection of shoes and boots for footwear fans

The best thing is that, if you are somewhat indecisive, in Egoísta you can count on the opinion and the help of your employees. They have been working in the fashion industry for years and will not hesitate kindly advise you about those clothes that favor you most. Take advantage and ask for advice.

Head over to Egoísta and keep an eye on his collection Every week they bring new garments so you can give a new look to your wardrobe!

How to get there

Head towards the famous Vara de Rey promenade and continue towards the port. You will see the Mango Touch store on the corner of a street (carrer de sa Creu), follow it straight. At the end of it, you will come to a curve that you will have to take on the right and there you will see the Egoist store.


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