Address / Location

Paseo ses Oliveres, 17 A, 07850, San Carlos, Santa Eulalia

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10.30 14 from a 18 to 21 and hours
Mondays and Sundays
Closed for vacations
From autumn to March

Omani is a clothing and accessories store in San Carlos where you will find garments from around the world with ethnic inspiration and hippie chic, a style closely linked to Ibiza

Omani It is one of those stores that call your attention from outside and from which you do not want to leave when you enter. It is decorated with a very special taste, that of Florence, its owner, that selects with care each one of the clothes and accessories that it sells.

Located in the beautiful village of Saint Charles, not everything has a place in Omani, but must always be articles that follow the same line. A style of ethnic inspiration, from India, hippie chic, A very mix of Ibiza.

Florence has traveled all her life around the world and that is what she wants to show in her store: the wealth of all those countries she has spent in the form of clothes and complements. All her life has been dedicated to fashion, either as a designer or as a model, and that is something that shows. It takes more than 20 years selling its garments in the market of Las Dalias and on Sundays also in San Juan.

Now, she has decided to open her own store, Omani, where you can find her and enjoy her experience at the time of advising you. Florence will not hesitate a second to help you find your style.

Pants, skirts, blouses, bags, sarongs, carry-ons and jewelry of all kinds, just for woman. Striking colors and original prints to make the difference when dressing. As Florence says, anyone can buy something in Omani, since the Prices are very reasonable.

Take a look at Omani's wardrobe and fall in love with a very particular and successful style that will make you not want to go back to the old way.

How to get there

It is easy. You have to get to the town of San Carlos (from Santa Eulalia you will see the signs) and, once there, Omani is behind the church, on the pedestrian street where the only pharmacy of the town is also located.


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