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Ramón Guimerà accompanies you through bioneuroemoción, NLP, meditation and reflexology to an awareness to improve physically and mentally

«If your mind is able to make you secrete saliva just by looking at the picture of some lemons, imagine what it will be able to generate to your body according to the emotional impacts you send it». This is one of the favorite examples of Ramón Guimerà Juan, companion in Bioneuroemoción and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), to explain this method with different applications and multiple benefits.

Any negative emotion that is repeated in the mind of a person can lead to an illness physical, an addiction, an illness serious ... Ramón Guimerà is able to identify and manage not only their own emotions, but also those of others. His attraction to the mind and the human body led him to study NLP. Currently, together with bioneuroemociones, he applies it in his companions to help them understand why they act in a certain way and the consequences who have their acts in themselves. Also, you can locate what unconscious actions come from inherited beliefs or judgments.

Through the dialogue, meditation and conscious hypnosis (The person is at all times in full power), Ramón Guimerà identifies the reason that caused your discomfort. As soon as the accompanying person becomes aware of what causes that ailment, a new vision of the situation appears. Thanks to this fact and to a full understanding, the accompanied person makes the experience vary.

The sessions are aimed at the general public. In fact, it accompanies children with those who have worked in a particular way, in associations or schools. The little ones somatize everything that happens around them and, if they receive negative emotions, they can transform them into some kind of difficulty like a stuttering, poor digestion or insomnia, for example. Ramón can make the child gain more confidence in himself or that is more autonomous through different activities and, of course, communication with parents.

Guimerà also works in the field of Foot reflexology. For this professional the feet are a reflection of all the organs of the body and, through massage, can find ailments caused by various mental states. Once located, Ramón relieves stress or mental load what causes with the massage and the dialogue with the person.

Likewise, conducts guided meditations, both in groups and individuals. This is a highly recommended practice with which you will become aware of your own body and enjoy of something so simple, and important at the same time, like breathing.

Take some time to think of yourself y let it Ramón Guimerà listen to you and accompany you on an enriching journey of self-discovery. A trip of which you will be reinforced and you will recommend strongly.

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