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Plaza of Spain number 7. 07810, San Juan, Ibiza

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The Herbes Can Vidal were born in 1928 in the tobacconist of San Juan as a beautiful family tradition strongly rooted in Ibiza. Today, the family continues to elaborate them in this traditional way that gives them a unique flavor.

In a place as emblematic of Ibiza as the Estanco de Sant Joan the Herbes Can Vidal are born, made by the family itself.

Vicente Torres Guasch took over the premises in 1847 and left it as an inheritance to his son Juan Torres Roig in 1881. The tobacconist soon became one of the busiest places in the municipality. In 1928 Torres ceded the business to his nephew Vicente Torres Torres, at which time he and his wife began serving rich menus in the attached tavern. Workers and residents made a stop on the road to go through the premises and try, among other dishes, their famous rabbit fried tomato.

It was then that the family started making the herbs and it is that recipe of Vicente Torres Torres that lasts today. They own a garden with some of the plants that they use in their production, all handcrafted, and collect the rest in the field. They store, clean and prepare them to fill the precious bottles in which they are sold.

La recipe is classic of the Ibizan herbs. Rosemary, juniper, fennel, lemon verbena, frigola ... and a Personal Touch that makes everyone who tastes them be amazed with their taste.

That unexpected success made Vicente Torres Roig, son of the previous owner, decide to market the herbs in some known bars. Little by little they became more famous and today is Vicente Torres Colomar, son of Vicente Torres Roig, who is in charge of continuing with the history of this Ibiza liquor.

Su sale has spread by different points of the island since, in addition to a great way to finish the table, they have become a magnificent souvenir that you can find in different formats. From the 70 centilitros or the one of 1 liter, to a much smaller one, 100 milliliters, perfect to give as a gift

But if something is synonymous The Herbes Can Vidal is of tradition and history. A beautiful custom rooted in Ibiza that the family has been able to transmit from generation to generation.

Watertight schedule

You can go on to try “ses herbes” throughout the year from 9 to 14 hours and from 17 to 21. On Saturdays from 9 to 14 hours.

Where to find them

Some of the points where you can buy Herbes Can Vidal are: the tobacconist San Juan, the Super Tirurit, the gas station San Juan, the store Can Curuné, the store El Cruce de Santa Eulalia, Ses Escoles or Bodega Can Ribas de Santa Eulalia . Can Gourmet and La Ibita casita in the port of Ibiza and the San Carlos Store next to the Anita Bar. You can also taste them in The Boat House and on the beach, in Cala San Vicente; at Gare Du Nort, The Others, Bar San Juan, The Giri Café, Good views y Shamarkanda in the municipality of San Juan and Los Enamorados, in Portinatx and Elements Ibiza in Benirràs. Also, at the Can Curuné restaurant, Cala Martina, Cas Pagès y Chirincana In Sa Calma, restaurant Tropicana from Cala Jondal and Can Berri Vell in St. Augustine.


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