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Can Bufí industrial estate, Arno river street 16, 07800 Ibiza

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Monday through Friday from 9 to 13.30 and 15 to 18.30
Monday through Friday from 9 to 13.30 and 15 to 18.30
Closed Saturdays and Sundays

Liquors Aniseta elaborates typical liquors of Ibiza from 1925. In its factory you can buy your famous Ibizan herbs and other traditional drinks of the island

La liquor store Aniseta is a liquor store with years of tradition en Ibiza. The brothers Vicente and Juan Ferrer Roig founded in 1925 la Aniseta Liquor Factory although some time ago, along with their parents, they ran a grocery store in the Marina neighborhood. In her they sold all kinds of drinks and that's when they decided to start making their own brand. Thus, they began to distill the plants that they themselves collected in the field in a traditional still.

Over time Fernando Ferrer, his nephew, he learned the trade and for about 40 runs this small family business. Thanks to the fact that the artisanal methods their liquors have a unmistakable flavor. The Ibizan herbs They were prepared on the island more than 200 ago and each family had its own recipe. In general, the process consisted in putting an aniseed bouquet of wild aromatic plants in anise and letting it marinate. Currently, Liqueurs Aniseta is a not only on the island, but also also out of it. Your liquors have become one of the most demanded souvenirs by tourists who visit the island.

The offer of Aniseta Liquors is so wide that you will always have at hand the appetizer or digestive whatever you want Among them can not miss the celebrated Ibizan herbs (artisanal and classic), palo, flower des camp, absinthe or gin, among others. You will find them in various formats and presentations, in case you want to give your family a gift gift 100% of the earth.

You would not be the first to fall in love with a flavor as intense as that of 'ses herbes'. If it has happened to you too, you should know that Liqueurs Aniseta has a complete online store. In it you can get these popular digestives and snacks and you will receive them in any point of the Peninsula.

Su Can Bufí factory is open to the public for sale and, in addition, Liquors Aniseta takes care of distribute your products throughout Ibiza and Formentera.

Visit Liqueurs Aniseta and let them advise you, for something they are experts in tradition.

How to get there

Liquors Aniseta is located in the industrial estate of Can Bufí, in Ibiza. The area is right in front of the Isidoro Macabich Institute, behind the Ibifood company.


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