Divestar Ibiza

Address / Location

Cala Martina beach, 07840 Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

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Every day from 9.30 a 18 hours
Closed for vacations
From 1 from November to 30 from April

Discover the amazing underwater world of Ibiza with Divestar Ibiza, masters of scubadiving with an unequalled passion for teaching as well as diving

If you enjoy the numerous coves and beaches, take the next step and discover what lies beneath the surface; an amazing landscape with riches in flora and fauna, including protected posidonia fields and the world famous Don Pedro shipwreck.

As a multi award winning, Five Star PADI Instructor Development Resort, Divestar Ibiza can guarantee an amazing experience on every level. Discover Scuba Diving XNUMX times a day, XNUMX double tank exits for boat diving per day and flexible scuba diving courses up to Instructor and beyond, you will find anything and everything you need. Ibiza’s underwater secrets are waiting for you to uncover them.

As a beginner you are in very safe hands with their multi lingual staff that teaches in English, Spanish, German, Dutch and French and as a certified diver the experienced dive guides know exactly where to take you and show you the best the Mediterranean has to offer.

With XNUMX fast diving boats and the diving center on the beach in a paradise like setting, your diving adventures will be easy, enjoyable and worthwhile. Nearby restaurants, the famous Ibiza Hippy Market at XNUMX minutes and the beach of Cala Martina right in front of the diving center, make it easy for family members to enjoy themselves, whilst others are out scuba diving.

The Discover Scuba Diving program for beginners runs twice a day, at XNUMXh and XNUMXh, and is available for everyone from XNUMX years old and up, where the snorkelling tours go out everyday at XNUMX:XNUMXh.

Certified divers go out on their boats that sail at XNUMXh and XNUMXh for XNUMX dives each time, following a fixed dive plan with many different dive sites that include islands, reefs, caves and wrecks, including the world famous Don Pedro shipwreck, the sunken Formentera Fish Farm, The Lighthouse and the Cala Llonga Cathedral cave. With multiple dive guides every diver can dive to their level and get the most of their holiday.

Whichever level of diver you may be, diving with Divestar Ibiza will certainly be one of the highlights of your Ibiza holidays!

How to get there

From Santa Eulalia, head towards the area of ​​es Canar. Before arriving, just after s'Argamassa, you will see the beach of Cala Martina. The dive center Divestar Ibiza is on the beach itself.


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