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Ibiza Foils is the only e-surf company on the island. Enjoy a unique and indescribable experience on its two innovative electric boards: Lift eFoil and Awake

Surely you think you've seen everything but what if we told you that now you can discover Ibiza floating on the sea? That is the proposal of Ibiza Foils

This e-surf premium products and services company offers you the possibility to explore the island on Two modern tables: the eFoil and the Awake. Both are electric, with what one of its biggest advantages is that it is not necessary for the wind to blow or for waves To practice this fun sport.

On the one hand, if you have 18 years or more, this handle the lift eFoil, a board with a mast with a wing that allows to rise about 80 centimeters above the water. To do this, they will provide you with a command with four gears that you can choose based on your experience and the speed you want to achieve (up to 40 km per hour).

The second table, Awake, available Greater power and can be used from the 12 years (if children mode is activated). In just four seconds you can reach 50 kilometers per hour, therefore, it is indicated for people who have some experience. Its strength and precision will allow you Accelerate quickly and make spectacular spins.

Another of the highlights of Ibiza Foils is the Great care provided by your team Your instructors are water sports experts and e-foiling lovers, something that is immediately visible. Through hulls that employ technology Bluetooth están in direct contact with you at all times. In this way, they give you precise instructions on the use of the table and resolve any questions you may have.

In order to promote this sport on the island, they have special prices for groups and with individual offers. The Wednesday, for example, they offer four sessions of 30 minutes for 320 euros (a single session is priced at 100 euros). Likewise, Ibiza Foils is the only Lift eFoil and Awake distributor in the Balearic Islands, so if you prefer to buy your own board, They also have them for sale.

The services of this e-surf company are available interchangeably for companies and for individuals. They can develop their activity so much on yachts as on beaches and you can Hire from one hour to a full day.

Knowing the Ibiza coast aboard these tables is undoubtedly a highly recommended experience that you can only understand by living it. Do not miss the opportunity to Fly by the sea with Ibiza Foils!


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