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Open all year long

Address / Location

Ctra Santa Eulalia Km 11, detour Cala Llonga, Santa Eulalia, 07840, Ibiza

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From Holy Week from 9 to 19 hours
9 16 hours of a
Closed for vacations
Two days at Christmas and two more at New Year

Can Muson is one of the most authentic places in Ibiza. They sell local produce, organic fruit and vegetables and prepare delicious breakfasts. In their school farm they teach workshops to learn to respect nature and to value the customs of the island

If you are a nature lover and, specifically, Ibizan countryside, Can Muson It will captivate you from the first visit. The facilities of this beautiful ecological farm and farm school of Santa Eulalia offer endless possibilities for both children and adults.

A plot of about 65.000 square meters where they are grown organic fruits and vegetables and where breed different breeds of native animals.

First of all you must know that one of the strengths of Can Muson are its organic fruits and vegetables 100%. In your store you can get them, and not only that. They have artisan bread, cheeses, jams, flaó, cocas, wine or payeses eggs, all made by themselves. Do purchase in this little ecological supermarket It's a delight, but if you do not have time to get close to here, you can also ask they deliver it to you at home. You will only have to make your order through its website or WhatsApp. In addition, They sell their fruits and vegetables wholesale, to restaurants and supermarkets.

Another of Can Muson's irresistible proposals are its breakfasts Imagine starting the day in the middle of nature enjoying its fruits. Smoothies, fresh juices, French omelettes, toast with cheese, sobrassada, avocado ... There is not a single product that does not come from your farm or garden! Something that translates into fresh and intense flavors.

At mealtime you can choose your rich salads, toast or eggs. Light meals prepared with love to re-discover everything that nature gives us.

Before or after trying their dishes, Can Muson offers you the opportunity to know the farm and the way they work. During the visit this see your garden, get in touch with the animals or learn about the flora, fauna and customs of Ibiza.

Can Muson is a paradise for children. El project 's'Al·lot Verd' from his farm School is oriented to train small farmers that value and enjoy the environment that surrounds them. The educators will teach them how to care for the animals or the gardens and, in addition, they will make different workshops Cooking, recycling, traditional games, music ... Advertise them on your own website and you can sign up through it.

They also organize excursions for schools, families, children and even cruises and they welcome all kinds of events like birthdays, paella contests or group meals. Contact them and propose your idea, they are open to new suggestions.

The organic farm Can Muson is the ideal place to discover how to lead a healthier life y take advantage of all the natural resources of Ibiza. A beautiful space in which praise like nobody the value of mother earth.


The Can Muson breakfast is a classic. Huevos payeses, toast of your own farm bread with avocado and cheese from your goats, coffee or tea and natural organic fruit juice To start the morning with full energy!

Breakfast and lunch schedule

They do not have a kitchen as such. They serve their salads and toast until 16 hours.

How to get there

Finca Can Muson is located at the turnoff of the road from Santa Eulalia to Cala Llonga, in front of the CEPSA petrol station. Soon you will see his big poster.




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    I have 34 ducks healthy, but they give me a lot of work and I want to give them away. Are you interested? They are in my farm of can furmigue in Santa Gertrudis.

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