Can Kats

Address / Location

Monte Aconcagua Street, 2. 07849 Cala Llonga, Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

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12.00 24.00 hours of a
In October from 12.00 to 23.00 hours and in November alone on weekends
Tuesdays in summer
Closed for vacations
October to May

Can Kats, in Cala Llonga, is the ideal shop for those looking for something special. They impart Yoga and give therapeutic massages with discounts for people of Ibiza

Can Kats is one of those stores that arouses the curiosity of everyone who passes by your door. Their original and colorful designs come from different parts of the world, which makes them unique in Ibiza.

In this beautiful space Cala llonga, Santa Eulalia, you will find from that garment that has long been missing in your closet to that accessory that will give a touch of special style to your looks. They have jewelry of all kinds, bracelets, earrings, necklaces ... and bags and towels of different sizes and patterns.

The little ones will also find handmade stuffed animals, clothing or small and fun toys with which they will blow their imagination into Can Kats. Also, if you want to give a twist to your home, you can also get decorative elements such as umbrellas from Indonesia, textiles or even pieces of art made by both Ibizan and international artists. Surely one of the items that catches your attention instantly is the painted stones. They are already popular in Ibiza since their artist, an Englishwoman based on the island, decorates and sells them for years.

The owner of Can Kats personally takes care of selecting the pieces that occupy the shelves and hangers of the store. They arrive from as far away as India, Brazil, Morocco or Senegal, so you will hardly find someone with the same garment or jewel as you.

Can Kats is not just a peculiar store. Its facilities have rooms enabled to carry out sessions of Yoga, therapeutic massages and Reiki. During the summer, two Yoga classes are held per day, while from September one day is given, depending on the demand. The professionals who teach them will teach you to relax, to connect with your interior and get the most out of this discipline.

Its owner wants these types of therapies to be accessible to all and that is why he has designed various packages and has special discounts for residents. Do not hesitate to consult him, he will solve your questions with the kindness that characterizes him.

Can Kats is the perfect store to find a unique gift or give yourself that whim you deserve.

How to get there

You will have to go to the tourist area of ​​Cala Llonga, Santa Eulalia, perfectly signposted. Once there, take the main street and go to the end of it, where you will find a public parking. It is directly opposite.


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