Histericomplements & Shoes

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Open all year long

Address / Location

-Vara de Rey, 26, 07800, Ibiza
-Bartolomé Vicente Ramón 17, 07800 Ibiza

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The Vara de Rey store opens every day from 10.30 to 22.30 hours. The other does the same schedule but closes on Sundays
10.30 14 from a 17 to 21 and hours
In winter they close on Sundays

Histericomplements & Shoes is an exclusive fashion and footwear store in Ibiza with years of experience in the sector. Unique designs for special occasions

Cristina, owner of Histericomplements & Shoes, carries 20 over years dedicated to the world of fashion. His extensive experience in this sector has allowed his exclusive shops in Ibiza become a reference for those women who, like her, They feel passion for fashion.

In this modern establishment they focus on the night fashion, for every kind of events Nothing basic, Histericomplements & Shoes stands out for its current and creative designs. If you are a clothing junkie here you will find a real paradise. Spectacular dresses, skirts, blouses, tops ... all oriented to the same objective: that you look perfect and you feel comfortable and beautiful at all times.

On your shelves and shelves you will find collections of different brands, most of them Italian and French, selected with great care and exquisite taste. In addition, such is the success that has reaped the local that has its own signature: Love is Simple. Garments that perfectly sum up the essence of this beautiful store.

They place special emphasis on last trends. Therefore, every 20 days renew your wardrobe with the intention that you always find the most current models.

In addition to clothing, as its name implies, they have a large number of accessories such as bags or belts that will give your look a unique touch. What's more, they have a shoe shop, also in the center of Ibiza, where you will find Italian quality footwear at great prices. Shoes that complement the designs you can buy at the clothing store.

If you have been invited to an important event take the opportunity to visit Histericomplements & Shoes and give yourself that whim with which you have always dreamed. Their friendly shopkeepers will help you find your style and, if you want to make a good gift, they will advise you to take the most special. If you still do not decide, you can always take a practice gift card.

If you are a true 'fashionista' do not forget to go through Histericomplements & Shoes, a space in which the luxury and glamor they are more than insured.

How to get there

The Vara de Rey shop is located right on a corner of the famous Paseo, next to the sundial. The shoe store and Bartolomé Vicente Ramón street is in the parallel of Paseo, opposite Zara Hombre.


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