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Carrer Manuel Sorà 12, 07800 Ibiza

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Every day from 10 a 24 hours
Closed for vacations
From November to early April

In the shoe store Là Ibiza Concept you will find exclusive and luxurious handmade Italian shoes and models of prestigious firms of great quality

Là Ibiza Concept is a coquette shop located in the old part of the city of Ibiza where you can find exclusive women's shoes, made in Italy by hand and of the highest quality.

Artisan experts each pair by hand using the traditional Italian shoemaking techniques.

The philosophy of Là Ibiza Concept Ibiza is based on the exclusivity, quality and style. The shoemakers elaborate each piece with care and affection, carefully selecting the best materials. Since the shoes are manufactured in series, the models that are created by hand have become a luxury option reserved only to the most demanding.

But do not be afraid, Francesco, his owner, dreams of breaking the monopoly of the shoe industry that produces in chain without worrying about the quality, therefore, he believes that the Là Ibiza Concept shoes be a luxury within reach.

Its products are characterized by having a modern style, exceptional quality and for being designed by professionals of the industry.

Aquí encontrarás shoes for the day to day and to dazzle in important events like, for example, your own wedding. Your size usually goes from the 35 number to the 41 and if you do not find yours in the shoe store, you can always order it in your Online store More comfortable impossible!

In addition to its own brand, in its precious shelves you can contemplate the designs of well-known firms like Casadei, Area Forte, Fabi, Strategia o Fruit. They also have models of designers of the Giammarco Lorenzi, Alberto Venturini and Elena Iachi, among others.

In short, Là Ibiza Concept is the ideal option for those women who value the quality, elegance and comfort above all.

How to get there

Là Ibiza Concept is located in one of the most famous and beautiful neighborhoods of Ibiza: the Marina, next to the port. Follow the signs until you reach the Old Market and, once there, you will see it past the famous Croissant Show.


  1. M says


    I do not live in Spain and in my country there is no Ibiza Concept.

    The Internet address of the Ibiza Concept does not work and I would like to buy shoes or at least see them on the web.

    Will there be a solution or alternative soon?

    Thank you very much and many greetings.


    1. Francis says

      if soon we will have online shop

  2. Comfort says

    Recommended and passing visit, before or after the obligatory visit to the historic center. At the doorstep of dal'tl vila, impressive, 16th century. . It precedes the seasonal collections. Charming Francesco !!
    A resident of the islands.

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