Marisa Cela

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Open all year long

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Calle Bartomeu Vicent Ramón 1, 07800, Ibiza

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Monday to Sunday from 10.30 to 22.30 hours
11 to 14 hours and 17 to 20
Sundays in winter

The clothes of Marisa Cela are made to dress a woman free and safe. Visit your store in Ibiza and get exclusive models at incredible prices

If you are a Strong woman, with character and feminine the garments of Marisa Cela They are made for you The famous designer has 30 over years dedicating himself in body and soul to fashion world and five years ago he decided to open his own store in Ibiza. Since then, her designs have managed to captivate not only her customers, but also important sectors of fashion ibicenca that have it for their most important events.

His creations have been seen by footbridges of the size of the Adlib Ibiza, as well as in different private events.

Cela conceives modern designs, bold and with own personality in his workshop from Ibiza, where he carries out all the production, from start to finish.

Their garments are characterized by the use of materials as diverse as tulle, leather or cotton, that only she knows to combine with great mastery. The Lace or transparencies are another of its hallmarks, elements that print that air of distinction to their collections.

In your beautiful boutique in the center of Ibiza you will find spectacular dresses, skirts, tops, shirts or overalls to show off on those occasions when dazzling is an indispensable requirement. Sexy and elegant clothes at the same time, that you can combine according to your tastes and needs.

Garments that evoke the freedom of women, their strength and delicacy. For those who come out and express the meaning of the word live to the fullest. Nothing here is done at random. Their collections are the result of hours of effort and dedication. Each of them has a reason to be, something to communicate. No more to see his summer collection 'The strength of delicacy'. Lightweight, transparent tulle fabrics, with leather applications and golden threads. A perfect fusion between the subtlety and the vigor that the different materials give us.

Do not think that by talking about designer clothes their prices are exorbitant. Marisa Cela has managed to find a ideal balance between quality and cost, so that we can all afford that piece of life to our look. The best thing is that it makes very short series to ensure in this way your exclusiveness. Forget the fear that invades us all before an important event, when we begin to fear that someone has chosen the same costume for the occasion.

In addition to these designer garments, there is also a casual line for the day to day. Simple and comfortable cotton jackets, pants or garments that you can not miss in your closet and that Marisa Cela chooses personally.

While it is true that their incredible designs do not need additions, since they shine on their own, in Marisa Cela you can also do all kinds of accessories. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings or handbags of an exclusive brand of Barcelona which you will only find here. That's not to mention their shoes, designed by herself. Authentic works of art that will catch your attention instantly.

Weekly Incorporates new models to his permanent collection.

Drop by the store and rediscover your style thanks to the good taste and overflowing inspiration of Marisa Cela.

How to get there

It is very close to the port of Ibiza. Head towards the famous Paseo de Vara de Rey and when you reach the corner where the old Montesol hotel is located, turn left towards the port. Continue straight ahead and take the next street on the left. You'll see her right away.



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