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Address / Location

-Polygon industrial Blancadona, 07800 Ibiza
-Avenue San Agustín 111, Cala de Bou, San José

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Central: Monday to Saturday from 7 in the morning to 12
Central: Monday to Saturday from 7 in the morning to 12
Closed for vacations
The Es Molí store opens from May to October. The first week of January the plant closes fifteen days

Rediscover the authentic flavor of fruits and vegetables in the fruit shops of Agroeivissa. Quality, good service and the best of the Ibiza countryside for your table

Have you forgotten about the time genuine flavor of a tomato, the intense color of the fruit or its aroma? If this is your case, the fruit shops of Agroeivissa will make you come back enjoy those characteristics so appreciated.

The products of Agroeivissa are always one Extraordinary quality and a amazing variety. Virtually all its production can be included in what we know today as'kilometer zero '. This means that the rotation of the product in the store is very fast and hardly requires storage or cold.

Most of the fruits and vegetables they sell are grow in Ibiza. The hands of the more experienced peasants of the island they are in charge of the sowing and harvesting to proceed, later, to its distribution. The members that make up the cooperative, some 21 in total, they do not use chemicals, as far as possible. So, the harvest is much more natural and more authentic flavors.

Also, in Agroeivissa they bet strongly on the local product. Such is their commitment to indigenous species who participate in the recuperación of those that are lost. They try to recover the seeds in order to continue working with them. This is what they have already done with varieties such as potato ibicenca, white pepper or cabbage.

In the store you can also make yourself a small selection local products such as honey, oils, wines, legumes or nuts from Ibiza.

It has a central nave in the area of ​​Blancadona, perfect for retailers and wholesalers. In addition, they have a nice shop in cala de bou, San Jose, called Es Molí. Even if you are not a company, you can go to either of them to do your shopping.

Do not hesitate to go to one of their fruit shops. In them you will always find some interesting promotion. Every fifteen days and depending on the production try to have a star product, usually, the land. Do not forget to visit his profile in social networks. You can find out about the different offers that they carry out or consult the collection calendar so that you always have in your house the best of each season.

Opening times

Although the schedules depend in a certain way on the campaign they are in, the plant is open for sale to the public from Monday to Saturday from 7 in the morning to 12. The Es Molí store opens from 9 to 21 hours in June, July and August. From May to October the schedule is from 9 to 13.30 and from 17 to 20 hours, while on Saturdays they open from 9 to 15.

How to get there

The Agroeivissa plant is located in the area of ​​Blancadona, just behind the pools, next to the slaughterhouse. The Es Molí store is on the San Agustín avenue of Cala de Bou, at the height of the bus depot. Immediately you will see a mill without blades, in that same farm is Es Molí.


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