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Calle San Rafael 9A under left, 07820 San Antonio, Ibiza

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From 10 to 14 and from 17 to 20.30 hours. Saturdays from 10 to 14
From 10 to 14 and from 17 to 20.30 hours. Saturdays from 10 to 14
Saturday afternoon and Sunday

Sakura, in San Antonio, is more than just another organic store in Ibiza. It will help you lead a healthy lifestyle thanks to its products and tips

If you have decided to take a Healthy life as regards what food in general respects, Sakura, in San Antonio, it will become your reference store. In this establishment you will find everything you need to eliminate products that do not benefit from your routine for your day to day. In it you can acquire from organic fruit and vegetables, gluten-free, sugar-free or organic food.

They also have a Varied section of bulk products at the best price, where you can find nuts, rice, plants ... so you can buy only what you need.

In Sakura they work extensively herbalism and supplementation. They have a wide variety of nutritional supplements, superfoods and herbal products for your health. Sakura's professionals are continuously forming to keep abreast of new trends in naturopathy, supplementation and superfoods. In this way they can help their clients in the different concerns they have about their health.

In addition, they are engaged in the sale of certified organic cosmetics. In this case, they have a very careful selection of products without artificial perfumes. Makeup, creams, lotions, shampoos, gels, hair dyes and cosmetics for men. They also have an assortment of items for the baby care. From food or diapers to creams and wipes, all following the same philosophy as in other products.

If you have in mind to make a gift but have not yet opted for anything in particular what would you like to give a basket with natural products? In Sakura prepare them to your liking! You choose what you want to include in it and in a moment you have it ready. You can fill it with food, cosmetics or both. a comfortable and original gift with which I'm sure you succeed. Otherwise, you will always have the option of staying with one of the accessories who sell as purses, costume jewelery, hair clips, amber necklaces ... all handcrafted!

In Sakura not only focus on the benefits of healthy eating, but also offer talks and therapies of all kinds. We advise you not to lose sight of on Facebook since they publish the activities they carry out. The aromatherapy workshops, on trace elements or natural cosmetics are some of the most successful, as well as the geoenvironmental health to lead a healthy life avoiding the toxic ones. Its owner is also engaged in carrying out environmental measurements. For example, if you plan to acquire land but you do not finish being safe due to the presence of a high voltage tower nearby, contact them. They will carry out a study by means of which you will know what risks it may involve.

You can also ask for a date with its dietitian or rent for your sessions photon sauna. A revolutionary machine that has a large number of therapeutic indications. It is used for detoxification at the cellular level, eliminating toxins, regulating lactic acid, relieving contractures, treating circulatory problems or pathologies for which the application of heat can be beneficial. If you have not yet tried it, you are in time to discover a method whose results will surprise you.

Without a doubt, Sakura is more than a food store, in it you will find everything you need for the proper functioning of your body and mind.

How to get there

It is located in the municipality of San Antonio, on the street that rises from Correos. Right next to Natural Cosmetic Esteticien.


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