Savia Ibiza Herbolario Eco-Tienda

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Address / Location

Calle Aragón, 99, 07800, Ibiza

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From 9.30 to 15 and from 17 to 20.30 hours. Saturdays from 10 to 14 hours
From 9.30 to 15 and from 17 to 20.30 hours. Saturdays from 10 to 14 hours
Saturday afternoon and Sunday

In Savia you will find the best products to take care of your body and your mind. Natural supplements, organic food and workshops to cultivate your well-being

With 15 over years of experience In the field of Organic food and natural supplementation, Sap Was one of the first Ecotiendas and herbalist Which opened in Ibiza. Since then, it has been adding customers who are looking for not only the best natural products, But also a treatment personalized And an advisoryo exclusive.

Located In the center of Ibiza, Savia cares so much about you Internal health as well as external health. In this care space you will find all kinds of food products. Greengrocers eco, raw food, wines, breads cereals, vegetable drinks, oils, vinegars, sweets, teas, coffees ... Tall you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle in both food and Hygiene and natural cosmetics You'll find it in Savia.

PHowever, in Sap you can buy in bulk Since it has a wide section dedicated to the products to the weight, Cereals, nuts, spices, etc. ORA perfect practice to avoid wasting food.

Also, in Savia they are Specialists in supplements that encompass both medicine and natural cosmetics. Su Team is highly qualified for the sale of natural and cosmetic pharmacy products, Besides being Trained in nutrition. Whenever you have the slightest doubt about any product you can go to it. They will gladly assist you and advise you At all times so that you buy only what suits you best.

But in Savia you will not only find products Organic food, Supplementation and hygiene and natural cosmetics, But also engaged in the Dissemination and promotion of culture. In their facilities they carry out all kinds of cultural events, workshops and even therapies. Stay tuned for your calendar of activities, since they are most interesting. Professionals from different disciplines will share their knowledge with you to achieve the well-being of both your mind and your body.

The main objective of Gemma Sales, owner of Savia, and its team is Take care of your customers, Something that you will realize just beyond its doors. Take advantage of sympathy and closeness of your staff to start you in a much healthier and more conscious world. You will quickly realize the benefits that this new way of life will bring you.

How to get there

To get to Savia you have to go up the street Aragón, Either by walking or by car and you will find it on the left-hand side, at the height of the Peace Park.


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