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Calle Pigre Gris 1 low. 07817 Sant Jordi, San José, Ibiza or at home

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Every day from 10 a 22 hours
Every day from 10 a 22 hours

Get in shape with Zuka Ibiza Personal Trainer. Iratxe, sports professional, helps you achieve your goals through pilates, zumba or TRX among others

Do you need to get in shape and do not know how to make it, as well as cash, as fun as possible? If so, contact Zuka Ibiza Personal Trainer and find out how.

Iratxe you will become the right person to achieve your goals, whatever they may be. With it you can from lose weight or keep your figure until done exercises for rehabilitation. In short, it dominates all aspects that have to do with wellness and fitness. its extensive experience in the world of sports It started when she was just a girl and, to this day, she continues to occupy an important part of her life. Since I was a child I practiced artistic gymnastics, after which it happened to become second coach. Her passion for sport has kept her in constant evolution. It has never stopped forming and, to this day, is able to teach a large number of disciplines.

Es expert in aerobics, pilates (ground and machine), sports gymnastics and pelvic floor plus, TRX monitor, the famous suspension training. His strength is the classes of Zumba and Zumka (zumba + zuka), has some 90 choreographed tracks and, likewise, gives the level of initiation of Latin dances like salsa, bachata, cumbia, reggaeton, afro or rumba. As a counterpoint, he also plays styles like burlesque, punk rock or flamenco.

Their choreography are most original, in fact, they are made to the letter. If you need to set up a dance for any type of event having it is a sure hit.

In their 24 over years of experience has worked so much with children from six years old and older, as well as adults and seniors. Iratxe's sympathy makes your desire to work contagious, so you will find it much easier to carry out your classes. Without hardly realizing you will get in shape and reach any objective that you propose. If in your case it is to lose weight, you should know that it can also advise you on food.

You can hire the services of Zuka Ibiza Personal Trainer en Estudio 21, a complete center of Sant Jordi, or even in your own home. Iratxe moves around the island to teach their classes both as a group and individually.

Enjoy the sport and benefit from its many advantages thanks to the good work of Zuka Ibiza Personal Trainer.

How to get there

If you want to go to Studio 21 you should go to Sant Jordi, San Jose, and once there, take the street where the famous Mesón Rascalobos or the restaurant Can Sala is located. Go straight and two streets up you will find it, right next to the Virgen de las Nieves school.


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