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9 Pyrenees Street, ground floor. 07817, Sant Jordi, San José, Ibiza

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7 23 hours of a
9 21 hours of a
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At Easter and Christmas

With Ibiza Personal Trainers getting fit in Ibiza is simple. X-Body EMS, TRX, Hypopressive, Zumba, Hiit, GAP, Pilates ... Train alone or in a group. At home, in your living room or outdoors with Sara Barbado, personal trainer with more than 12 years of experience

It's time to Take care of your health and get fit! We have the bad habit of postponing the time to exercise, however, with Ibiza Personal Trainers This is something you will not do again.

That because? Well, because with them, sports are something entertaining and highly motivating.

Sara Barbado, Owner of Ibiza Personal Trainers, carries more than 12 years dedicated to the world of fitness and sports In general, something that is obvious when you know it. During your extensive training has learned and worked techniques like XBODY EMS, BTS, TRX, CrossFit, Hypopressants, Power Plate, Kettlebells or Zumba, Besides being Degree in Sports Management.

In Ibiza Personal Trainers you can enroll in different disciplines. One of them, the most novel and for some also the most effective, is the electrostimulation with XBody. This training system is done through a suit with electrodes that automatically stimulate the muscles. Its main advantage is the time saving what it supposes A 20 or 25 minutes session is enough to work all the muscles.

In addition to this innovative technique, in Ibiza Personal Trainers are experts in Hypopressive, Global Training, TRX, Pilates Mat, HIIT, GAP or Stretching.

Ibiza Personal Trainers is oriented to all kinds of people, adapting perfectly to the needs and characteristics of each body. Athletes, people with injuries, sedentary, pregnant and even children They can count on your help. For the latter, they teach swimming classes in order that they learn and enjoy the aquatic environment.

Another advantage of working with Ibiza Personal Trainers is the fact that they offer you the possibility of train in your living room, outdoors or in your own home. Themselves move to your home, villa or boat, what is most comfortable for you The groups are small, so you can make the most of each session and, if you prefer, you can hire them individually.

Also, if you require the help of a physiotherapist or a nutritionist, For example, Sara works with several trusted people with whom you will feel 100% satisfied.

Start your new life with Ibiza Personal Trainers and, in less than you imagine, you will notice how your effort will be rewarded.

How to get there

Ibiza Personal Trainers is in Sant Jordi. When you get to the town, you will have to pass the Vinyl burger and you will see the center in the next street, right next to La Manduca restaurant.


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