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Enjoy the benefits of Taichi, Chikung and meditation thanks to Chikung and Taichi Ibiza. Individual or group classes at home

Have you proposed to start take care of your body and your mind and you do not know by what discipline decantarte? From here we advise you to take a look at the proposals of Chikung and Taichi Ibiza.

Mario Simon is responsible for imparting private Taichi, Chikung and meditation classes, three practices recognized by the countless benefits which they possess for health.

You may have heard of the Tai Chi, however, you probably do not know all the virtues that it reports. This Chinese internal martial art increases strength, power of your body and flexibility of muscles and tendons. In addition, you will learn to relax your whole body and control your breathing through the control of our mind. Simon specializes in traditional Wudang style, mainly seeking the improvement of health and the increase of energy.

In turn, the Chikung / Qigong (or Chinese yoga, as some know) is a bionergética gymnastics which forms one of the branches of traditional Chinese medicine, such as acupuncture. By means of breathing and harmonic movements, soft and elongated seeks the relaxation of body and mind and the toning of internal organs through stretching of our body. Reduces stress and tension and get to reactivate the circulation while making different movements.

As far as the meditation, this expert pursues a concrete objective: Zuowang, or what is the same, to empty the mind, for what uses the Taoist meditation.

Mario Simón is a professional highly qualified in each of these three techniques. He himself is an athlete and has competed in famous Taichi championships with important awards. In 2016 he got the gold medal in the second Taichi European Championship and internal styles which was held in Moscow and Fourth Taichi World Cup, which took place in Taiwan, obtained a second place. It has also been recognized as high level sportsman in Wushu by the Higher Sports Council. And his career is not over here, but Simón has not stopped training in order to continue acquiring knowledge that will help him to develop his work in the best possible way.

At all training and experience is added the dedication with which it carries out its work and the desire that it transmits when it comes to performing any type of exercise. You'll quickly see how your energy becomes your best motivation.

To make it even easier, Simon moves where you need them: houses, villas, boats, hotels ... You will only have to worry about comfortable clothes! Contact Chikung and Taichi Ibiza to start now with your classes of Taichi, Chikung or meditation, private or group, yes, reduced, to be able to attend to their clients in a more personal and efficient way.



  1. Barbara says

    Hi- Barbara here. I would love to join TaiChi and Chikung classes. Please contact me
    +49 152 51649485
    Thank you and have a wonderful Day.

    1. Mario simon says

      Good afternoon Barbara, I will contact you when I finish this message. Thanks and have a beautiful day you too.

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