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Increase your quality of life with Foot Reflexology and Reiki Ibiza. Jaime Venegas is an expert in both techniques that help you to release tension, connect with yourself and solve physical, mental or emotional imbalances

If you do not know the benefits of foot reflexology And Reiki is time for you to do it. For this, you must know a good expert in the matter that helps you understand their meaning and make the most of them. Jaime Venegas is one of those professionals who will make you hobbies and values ​​these methods in a blink of an eye.

He himself changed his way of life on the basis of knowing of different therapies and, since then, has not stopped being formed in important centers in order to expand their knowledge and share it with others.

Jaime is based on a specific kind of Reiki: Omnia Reiki. There are about five or six different types of Reiki, however, your master has channeled them by creating a Reiki universal. It has managed to update it with universal symbols, making it reach people more directly and effectively. The Omnia Institute where Jaime has been trained has become the school where teachers of this discipline update their knowledge.

In turn, the reflexology is a technique from the Chinese medicine much appreciated by the inhabitants of this country, who use it as a method to prevent diseases. Consists in Pressing points of the foot that are reflecting different parts of the body. Thus stimulate and harmonize both the body itself and the emotions which, in addition, are unlocked.

Both techniques are suitable for all types of people. They increase the quality of life, dissipate tensions, fears and physical, mental and emotional imbalances and bring you closer to yourself. During sessions, where you sometimes combine the two methods, different aspects that contribute to the achievement of your goals are cleaned, balanced and unlocked.

Jaime has extensive experience both in Reiki and in foot reflexology. He has studied in centers such as the Omnia Institute or the CENAC school in Barcelona and today applies his knowledge at home, all around Ibiza. If you also want to release tension and solve certain problems through alternative therapies, put yourself in their hands. The number of sessions needed depends on the person, however, you will begin to notice improvement from the first.


  1. Victoria says

    Jaime is an incredible professional, my legs are as free and his back in place. Since he treats me I can not do without him at least once a month. I recommend 100%

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