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Santa Eulalia, 07840

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Monday to Friday from 9 to 20 hours. Saturdays from 9 to 14 hours
Monday to Friday from 9 to 20 hours. Saturdays from 9 to 14 hours
Saturday afternoon and Sunday

Vanesa Bueno helps you heal any type of blockage, whether inherited or acquired, through emotional kinesiology in Ibiza

La emotional kinesiology is a alternative therapy which is applied to discover what happens in your unconscious through the body. An effective method for get information from your past and correct it in case it is negatively conditioning your present.

Vanesa Bueno He is a specialist in this curious practice whose benefits are enjoyed by more and more people. With More than four years of experience and a special intuition, Vanesa puts all her effort into helping you to heal and evolve.

Your therapy is oriented to anyone that you want to experience a remarkable personal growth, erase past traumas o overcome negative experiences. Emotional kinesiology can be applied to to deal with work, love, self-esteem, money problems ...

Before starting the sessions, always individual, Vanesa Bueno makes a interview to know the particularities of each person. Thus, discover aspects related to your childhood, family, eating habits, possible past traumas or the situation in which you are currently. With the extracted data, it elaborates a personalized protocol with stimuli and questions so that the body reacts.

Throughout the visits, the family tree of each individual, since everything you drag from your ancestors conditions you. The meditation and hypnosis they are other tools that you use to access your memories and heal them.

Vanesa Bueno is also tapping specialist, an emotional release therapy. Through it she gets implant new beliefs, release stress or clean thoughts that limit you

The Bach flowers and gem therapy They are another of his strengths. She herself uses them in her day to day and, at times, she prescribes them as an aid for healing.

Although Vanesa recommends a minimum of three sessions To perceive the change, the amount depends on your involvement, self-management and how receptive you are. You can go from appointment to appointment or acquire one of the bonos what offer.

If you want to free yourself from your own emotional or inherited baggage that prevents you from moving forward, eliminate stress, unlock adverse situations or, in general, achieve peace in order to have a full life, try the emotional kinesiology in Ibiza with Vanesa Bueno.


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