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Carrer des Pou de na Maciana. 07820, San Antonio, Ibiza

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The Marí Mayans Family liqueurs conquer the world from 1880, spreading the flavors and colors of the most authentic Ibiza. This family business is the main exporter of Ibizan herbs, frigola, stick, absinthe and the first gins with an island flavor: IBZ IBZ Gin and IBZ 48 Premium Dry Gin

From the most ingrained tradition, that which passes from generation to generation, was born in the year 1880 Marí Mayans Family, la Ibiza's main liqueur company among which are the Ibizan herbs, the frígola, the stick or the absinthe. A company that was born in Formentera, together with its founder Juan Marí Mayans, creator of the recipes with which these products continue to be elaborated in an artisanal way. Today the fifth generation of Marí Mayans Family, with brothers Carlos and Bartolomé at the head, continues to innovate every day to bring to the five continents the wake of that visionary who discovered 140 years ago the possibilities offered by the aromatic and medicinal plants of the Pitiusas.

Currently, it is impossible to refer to the History of liquors in the Balearics Not to mention the work and products of Familia Marí Mayans, being the first company in the sector to be incorporated in the archipelago. What began almost a century and a half ago with a modest still, has now become a renowned company, both inside and outside our borders, which elaborates, produces and creates each drink in its own factory in Ibiza, giving life to the whole distillation process without leaving the island, from the harvesting of each herb that gives life to its bottling. In this line it should be noted that its liquors and distillates in authorized distributors are export to countries like Switzerland, Germany, Andorra, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, the United States, Romania, Russia, the Philippines, Australia or the United Arab Emirates.

There are several reasons that have led this brand to become a faithful ambassador of Ibiza. First of all, it is worth mentioning the elaboration process, in which they are used centuries-old craft techniques. Much has to do also the exhaustive study that Juan Marí Mayans made on the aromatic plants of the islands. An analysis that gave rise to an enviable collection of recipes that the family still follows today, and that keeps jealously in handwritten notebooks kept under lock and key. The type and number of plants used in its manufacture is kept secret to safeguard each original formula.

Although the most popular drink of this family of alchemists are the Hierbas Ibicencas, Familia Marí Mayans has a wider range, characterized in the same way by following the processes and customs of the island. The Palo or the Frígola do not lack in the appetizers and in the aftermath of residents and tourists, while the Absinthe is a great known in the Ibiza nights. Each and every one of the spirits of Familia Marí Mayans they are characterized by their intense flavor, by their infinity of nuances and by their versatility.

Also, in its eagerness to adapt to the new times, Marí Mayans Family has created IBZ Gin and IBZ 48 Premium Dry Gin. An attractive reinvention of two gins with island touches and different aromas and graduation. It should be noted that 'IBZ 48 Premiun Dry Gin' is also the first gin in Spain with an 48 percent alcohol volume, one of the few that exist in the world with this graduation, and the first Spanish drink that has a taste of this purity. It is a distilled and bottled gin in Ibiza, destined for the most demanding palates, and which is already present in establishments, hotels, restaurants and supermarkets, as well as in the hands of distributors from outside and inside Europe. This Ibizan company has used aromatic herbs from the island of Ibiza, especially juniper berries, citrus fruits such as orange and lemon, and ibicenco thyme flowers.

Tasting the liquors and drinks of the Marí Mayans Family is a mandatory experience when it comes to understanding the culture of Ibiza. A pleasure to share, to give away and to take as the best souvenir of the island, that passes from generation to generation and that will continue adding years of history thanks to the involvement of Marí Mayans Family.

For information and to be directed to an ideal distributor both in the Peninsula and abroad or interested in acting as an official importer: info@fmarimayans.com



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