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Cova Santa

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Cova Santa, PM-803, Ibiza, Spain

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The Cova Santa Ibiza restaurant, lounge garden and club on the San José road hosts various summer shows and parties such as Woomoon

Cova Santa Ibiza, on the San José road, leaving by the detour to Sa Caleta, it is located in a ancient natural cave of more than 25 meters deep, a place of great natural beauty where there is a spacious complex with a large restaurant, lounge garden and club.

In Cova Santa are organized during the summer diverse nocturnal events, like shows and concerts of various artists. In addition, it is known to have housed some of the after most popular of summer, for example the one of the celebrations Music On or Hyte.

In addition, festivals such as the popular Woomoon, which premiered at 2016 and repeated in the season 2017, an original and creative artistic and musical proposal, or the residence of Juan Magan Latinize.

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