Judgment Ibiza Réunion


The Eden Ibiza nightclub hosts the Judgment and Retro Ibiza Reunion party on Tuesday 1 of October 2019, with Judge Jules, Paul Taylor, Vicky Devine ...

The Dj Judge Jules is a veteran who was responsible for some of the most talked about parties in the night club Edén Ibiza under the name Judgment or Judgment Sundays.

The DJ is the protagonist of the party Judgment and Retro Ibiza Reunion at the San Antonio club, a party that will take place on Tuesday October 1 2019 starting at midnight.

At the party they will be puncturing their own Judge Jules beside Vicky Devine, Tristan Ingram, Dermot C and other artists to announce in the Main Room. In the living room Next will Back, with the Djs Paul Taylor, Dirty Rotten DJs, Clara da Costa and Jay Funk.

Prepare to lose your mind!

Line-UP Complete Judgment Ibiza Réunion in Eden Ibiza

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