Dj Awards

The independent awards of electronic Dj Awards celebrate their 22ª edition on Monday 16 September 2019 in Heart Ibiza under the slogan «Plastic no more»

Dj Awards These are the prizes awarded every year in Ibiza by the electronic music industry, something like the "Oscar" of electronics.

La Edition 22 of the Dj Awards is celebrated on Monday 16 of September of 2019. For the second consecutive year the location is one of the most special places on the island: the innovative and creative restaurant and club Heart Ibiza.

The appointment will start with a Special dinner with an exclusive menu. As of midnight, the Gala of the 2019 Dj Awards, in which the already legendary will be delivered Kryptonite (the award) to the best DJs and producers in the industry.

And after the delivery of the last prize, Heart Ibiza is once again transformed into an elegant club where the special Dj Awards party 2019, as always with a very careful Line Up formed by the DJ, producer and composer of French film music Agoria, with that eclectic and unique style of his, the power of North American DJ Butch and the house and progressive sounds of the Argentine DJ and producer Hernan Cattaneo.

To book your dinner of the Dj Awards you can contact Heart Ibiza by calling +34 971 933 777 or via the web You can buy your ticket for the ceremony and the after party through the link below, in the box below (the gala starts from the 23: 30 - 24 hours).

The appointment will have this year as an inspiring theme the motto «Plastic no more». Thus, these prestigious awards are added to the global claim to eliminate the plastics that flood our oceans and our lands.

In this way it is intended to encourage the music industry to take sides and contribute to the elimination of single-use plastics, something that was extensively discussed in the past international congress International Music Summit, held in May at Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza.

DJ Awards is a independent prize of non-profit electronic music created in 1998 and that supposes a celebration of talent, popularity and culture, as well as a deserved recognition to the work of the DJs and other members of the music industry.


Line-UP Complete Dj Awards at Heart Ibiza Club

Hernan Cattaneo

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