Jan Blomqvist Presents Disconnected

Jan Blomqvist stars in two very special parties at the beginning and end of the 2019 season at the Heart Ibiza club: Thursday 30 in May and 3 in October 2019

The club of Heart Ibiza hosts two very special events, one at the beginning and the other at the end of this 2019 season, featuring the innovative artist Jan Blomqvist.

Jan Blomqvist Presents Disconnected brings you two amazing sessions on Thursday 30 of May of 2019 and 3 October 2019 Thursday from the 23: 30 hours.

Blomqvist he was always a standard bearer of the live electronic music. Along with Christian and Felix, members of the band with which he has been playing for 8 for years, he wanted to break the monotony on the dance floors of the clubs. Thus, his performance is a true techno concert, concept of which is the creator, with simple voices, minimal rhythms and a touch of rock in the club.

Jam Blomqvist and his band signed a successful tour around the world with their concept album «Diconnected«, Going through festivals like Coachella and Lightning in a Bottle.

What can you expect from this appointment? Something really innovative and original, a commitment to live music, only live, without vinyl or artifice.

Jan asks questions as if we are connected, we are real, why we love electronics, what is real in what we live ... In these two special parties will try to offer you some answers ...

Complete Line-UP Jan Blomqvist Presents Disconnected at Heart Ibiza Club

30 MAY
Jan Blomqvist and Band
Giorgia Angiuli (Live)
Ben Böhmer (Live)
Jan Blomqvist + Band (live)
Rodriguez Jr. (live)
Liset Alea (live)
Sofia Kourtesis (Dj & Live)

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