Pikes Ibiza Opening Party

Pikes Ibiza Hotel of Ibiza Rocks celebrates its Opening Party on Saturday 25 of April 2020 with dinner, live music and a great party

The incomparable Pikes Ibiza Hotel family Ibiza Rocks has already announced its Opening Party of this season, which will be the Saturday 25 of April of 2020.

A great opening date that starts Starting at 14 hours next to your refreshing pool where you can have some delicious cocktails, smoothies and sangria while you let yourself rock for the music.

The evening starts on the 20 hours with a great dinner a la carte in your Room 39 that surely will feature live music, although for the moment none of the artists who will be in charge of the music at the Opening has been announced. You can book your table by calling + 34 971 342 222.

And from the 22 up to 4 hours the party is still in the room Freddies with lots of entertainment and rhythm by regulars and special guests that will be announced soon.

The party is for 25 over years and they will ask you for identification. To enter is need to sign up in guest list and the latest you can enter is at 1:30 a.m. The guest list opens on April 1, 2020, but if you sign up, the direct link is sent directly to your email.

Line-UP Full Pikes Ibiza Opening Party at Pikes Hotel

Line Up TBA

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