Veto Social Club

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Open all year long

Address / Location

8 Avenue of August, 11, 07800 Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain

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Veto Social Club, what was once the Grail, the local of Ibiza with a musical and environmental character strongly marked by alternative trends.

Veto Social Club opened at 2014 in Ibiza making it one of the most rebellious places on the island of Ibiza. Its name alone is already a clear example of disagreement with, as they say, «Much of the musical and cultural offer of the local party», so they decided to create Veto Social Club, a space in which the alternative and the underground have room and where it is not necessary to dress in a certain way or belong to any particular guild to be able to cross its doors and have fun.

Different musical styles, very different environments and another musical scene on the island, less commercial, are the main qualities of this club that every week surprises and delights its followers with different parties and increasingly risky bets. Of course, they have events in which they participate dj's so much Residents as National and international to enliven the most important nights of the year.

Forget the most commercial sounds, those that sound on the radio, because in Veto Social Club you will not dance to the sound of any of these styles. Of course, you can listen Techno, progressive sounds, trance and psychedelic trends of all kinds of musical genres, including Drum & Bass, Acid House and ambient.

Without a doubt one of the alternatives to the big clubs of Ibiza. Come to Veto Social Club for Dance without complexes and have something to drink or at the bar or on the terrace, without paying admission.

How to get there

Veto Social Club Ibiza is located where the Grail used to be. In the avenue Ocho de Agosto towards Talamanca, before reaching Pachá.


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