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Open all year long

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B12 The Gallery, Ibiza, Spain

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Much more than an artistic space, B12 The Gallery is also one of the most innovative clubs in Ibiza, where you can enjoy incredible parties all year

Born the summer of 2011, B12 The Gallery Ibiza It is a unique artistic space where you can enjoy exhibitions of some of the best known artists of the international scene. But it is also a innovative nightclub that brings you, both in winter and summer, some of the more vibrant and fun parties of the Ibiza scene.

And is that in this special space are mixed in the most exquisite way art, good music, fashion, design, gastronomy and a cosmopolitan and chic audience eager to enjoy the best things in life.

During the summer B12 The Gallery opens every night with performances by live music, flamenco dancing, gastronomic events and lively parties.

In the months of low season the resident public has in this very special club a new and fascinating meeting point for the weekends, as the B12 Ibiza club opens from Thursday to Sunday, In addition to holiday eves and some other designated date.

By the cabin of B12 Ibiza the most known and beloved Djs of the Ibiza scene have passed. Artists like Manu González, Dj Oliver, Eli Rojas, Miguel Garji, Maricha, Nick Stim, Chinese Paino, Jacobo Saavedra, Tania Moon, Mariano Somoza, Davina Moss, Sylvia Operé, Javi Viana... Few resident Djs in Ibiza have not gone to DJ for this fascinating place. The club has also welcomed guests of international stature as Steve Lawler, Hector Couto, Darious Syrossian, Audiofly, Seb Zito, Frankey & Sandrino, Hraach...

In its midst, regular party sessions are MuM, Only Ibiza, Ethereal, Mate, Now or Never, Purity, Follow, Backdoor, The Hive, Misbehave, Looking After You and so many others.

Discover this unique place where art, good music and fun go hand in hand.


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