Friday, 23 February 2018

107 Club

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Puerto Deportivo de Marina Botafoch, Local 107, 07800, Ibiza
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Club 107 is a mini disco in Marina Botafoch with a unique atmosphere where good music prevails and that opens only during the winter

107 Club It's a mini disco that Open exclusively during the winter and that offers a program focused on the Music of the highest quality. It has a comfortable outdoor terrace, a lounge and a dance floor where you can enjoy music in a intimate and very special atmosphere.

Located in the old Bubbles, its name comes from being located in the Local 107 of the marina of Marina Botafoch, a perfect location for being very close to Ibiza city in an area of ​​easy parking and next to other emblematic places such as Pacha, Lío, STK or Heart.

Club 107 opened its doors in 2015 betting on a return to the essences of the most genuine clubbing, where the party gives the protagonism to a public eager to dance, enjoy and have a great time. That's why they maintain a "No pictures policy", forget for a while the photos and the selfies and get ready to feel the music and the emotion of the night again. Live the moment!

One of its main assets is to have a unique sound in Ibiza, thanks to a very special insulation that gives it unrivaled acoustics on the island. A very pure and clean soundVery similar to that of a professional recording studio. This allows that the volume does not have to be excessively high, and nevertheless turns out to be absolutely enveloping. That is why it is one of the rooms preferred by DJs of the highest level to play. Artists likeBushwacka !, Stephane Ghenacia, Timo Maas, Apollonia, Neverdogs and many more are regulars of the place.

In this room you can get an idea of ​​the best talent of the local talent, because it pretends to be a platform for that the local artists can unfold their great talent.

Another particularity of Club 107 is that it can be considered as an example of sustainability, something very appreciated on our island. Lamps, panels and a large part of materials come from old clubs or have been donated by personalities such as David and Cathy Guetta and reused with a lot of imagination and good taste.

It has a very careful lighting, with visuals, blackouts and games of lights very thoughtful to go creating the perfect environment. And is that another of the main successes of Club 107 is knowing how to create magical and unrepeatable atmospheres. In this room the main thing is the music, the quality of the sound and that unique atmosphere of the original festivities that made Ibiza a place without equal in the world.

107 Club Open from October to the end of May, from Thursday to Sunday. They are also always open to rent the place so you have the perfect location to celebrate that special party or private event.

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