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Open all year long

Address / Location

STK Ibiza, Carrer de s'Illa Plana, Ibiza, Spain

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In addition to an excellent restaurant in summer, STK Ibiza, at Hotel Corso, is a vibrant nightclub where fun parties are held throughout the year.

Although since its opening it became famous on the island as one of the most appreciated meat restaurants, STK Ibiza It is also a vibrant nightclub where you can enjoy the more lively and fun parties throughout the year.

A very special place that has a very careful decoration and a Luxurious, exclusive and cosmopolitan atmosphere where an overflowing public swarms beauty and style. It is a local very frequented by VIPs on your way through the island, so we recommend you Dress elegant and sophisticated, what is said «Dress to impress»!

A club where you can start the night having dinner in summer while you enjoy the most amazing and creative shows. After dinner, do not forget to savor those original and delicious cocktails, while you mix in a chic and fun atmosphere and the restaurant is transformed into a club animated by the irresistible rhythms of some of the Most Popular Djs of the current electronic landscape. A place that offers everything in one.

With a style reminiscent of the most authentic nightlife scene New York, STK Ibiza is destined to become one of the favorite places of the Ibiza nights, both in summer and winter.

Opening hours and opening days

En winter STK opens its doors all Saturdays as a club, with fun parties offering a new alternative to weekends. In summer STK opens every night both for dinner and for you to enjoy great electronic sessions until the early hours.



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