Flower Power


Flower Power returns to Pacha Ibiza to splurge fun, colorful and good vibrations in its 39 season, every Wednesday summer night 2019

The legendary party Flower Power comes this summer 2019 to his 39 season at the disco Pacha Ibiza as one of the most special parties and that best collect the essences of the Ibiza more hippy.

The party moves this season 2019 to the Wednesday nights, with 19 Dates, starting with the Opening the May 29 and ending with the Closing the 2 October 2019.

An appointment designed to fill fElicity, color, creativity, energy and good vibrations the cherries club and whose artistic direction is again in the hands of Made in Italy Ibiza.

In front of the booth and pricking for you those irresistible rock, soul, funk and pop songs of the years 60, 70 and 80 they will be like resident Djs Joan Ribas and Dj Mariano, except in the Opening that acts the resident DJ of Pacha Ibiza Víctor Nebot, usual for parties like Vintage.

In addition, the party will have the room Pachacha, managed by Pandora where will they click Dj Oliver and Javi Muñoz and the Funky Room in hands of Elements with Kintar and guests.

In addition, this summer comes with many good sources of inspiration for this incomparable event: the release of Led Zeppelin's first album, the creation of The Yellow Submarine by The Beatles, the first opera-rock of The Who, the film Easy Rider, the union of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, the 50 anniversary of Woodstock ...

As always, the decorations, aesthetics and shows They will be very careful. Without forgetting the importance of attending following the dress code hippy-chic that the party requires. Bell trousers, flower dresses, corduroy jackets, shell glasses, wigs and beads are more than welcome, do not cut yourself!

A party full of authenticity that invites you to dance for peace, happiness and joy. Long live the power of flowers!


Line-UP Complete Flower Power in 🍒Pacha Ibiza

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