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Kumharas Ibiza

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Kumharas, Sant Josep de sa Talaia, Spain

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Kumharas in Cala de Bou, San Antonio bay, is one of the most famous bar lounge restaurants in Ibiza for its atmosphere and beautiful sunsets

Next to the popular Cala de Bou and very close to the bay of san antonio, Kumharas Ibiza carry on We have spent 15 years coming up with being a intercultural place which serves as a meeting point for many eager to give it a good homage to your senses. It is the perfect place to to get carried away by sight, the sky will become an authentic palette of pastel colors during and after sunset. The ear will be delighted with the sounds more relaxing and stimulating of the best sessions of Djs. The taste will feel a huge pleasure with the explosion of flavors of the world in your restaurant and with the touch you can notice the Energy that condenses in that moment almost magical. In short, a truly special place that aims to transport your audience to the Ibiza Hippie, the late 60.

Addition restaurant, Kumharas has a chillout zone full of haimas and armchairs and a Bar lounge, the ideal place to get carried away at the moment and enjoy the relax while you take one of your energetics juices or cocktails. At sunset time mojitos and daikiris they add even more color to the tables full of people who direct their eyes towards the beach, a zone of stones to which the sea follows them and soon the horizon where the sun will fall to give way to the night.

In Kumharas they want that sunset time is a whole party, So every day music and show are mixed with the environment to offer a unique moment.

Music and art follow each other throughout the week:

Tuesdays, Paco Fernandez Band present their live with a music fusion of flamenco, chill and hip hop. The accompaniment will be put by the dancer Eve Round by contemporary dance and flamenco.

On Wednesday the party is in charge of Dj Jose Rives that will puncture a very chillout chillout music. Next to him, the company 'Ancient fire Maya ' will present a super show of fire and acrobatics.

Thursday friends of Ibiza Sonica will broadcast live from the Kumharas booths Sunset Sesion. It is the day of the most famous Djs of Ibiza that from time to time, and taking advantage of its passage through the island, are accompanied by big international names.

On Friday is the day for innovation. There is no closed program, but it is used to bring guest artists with the aim of surprising with new things. Djs, performances, music bands and dance shows will be seen throughout the summer season.

On Saturday It's the turn of the Dj Christian Len, whose themes will sound electronic chillout with mixes of deep sounds, reggae and Brazilian music. Next to him, the color and the movement will put it fire shows.

Y on Sunday, to finish the week, Eva Pacific, known for many years as he is in Kumharas, will put the soundtrack of the evening and night along with a guest musician, which is usually a violinist or saxophonist.

As you see the music and cultures of the world are linked to the name Kumharas. Any day of the week is good to enjoy the shows they offer.

After the evening it is recommended to take a walk in the market. Small stalls with clothing, accessories and costume jewelery filled color, life and design, all with a ibicenco touch perfectly recognizable.

El Restaurant Lounge Kumharas Lounge, in Cala de Bou, a space where the party is lived in another way.


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