Savannah Sunset bar

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carrer Balanzat 38 Sant Antoni

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At Savannah Sunset Bar you will enjoy a large terrace and chill-out area with stunning sunsets in San Antonio, Ibiza.

Savannah Sunset Bar, is one of the most famous places in what is known as the San Antonio sunset walk. a local multipurpose open from early morning until late at night, with a large terrace above the sea Mediterranean and chil-out zone perfect for relaxing with one of his famous gin-tonics in hand.

But Savannah is much more, you can have breakfast a full English breakfast, plentiful and freshly made, as well as very complete sandwiches, fresh salads or a simple rich latte and eat a good and juicy argentine or brasilian meat grilled or tapas as they call the Savannah classics such as the Savannah Burger, the chicken Goujons or the classic English plate of fish & chips (fish and chips). A varied gastronomic offer designed to suit all tastes.

But what defines Savannah in Ibiza and what is world famous begins when the sunset begins, as it enjoys a more than privileged situation to view the Spectacular and lively San Antonio sunsets. Thousands of people approach each summer afternoon to contemplate this natural phenomenon and many are the ones who choose Savannah as the Place of reference to do so, for their famous d's, for his Gin & Cocktail Club with tall cocktails like strawberry daiquiris or the rich Muay Thai, champagne and champagne sangria and as we already mentioned, your gin-tonics, because there are usually "beautiful and famous" people and because after the sun just disappears into the sea, Savannah Sunset Bar becomes one of the places of reference of the Ibiza festivities that you advance what is to come in the most famous discotheques of the world.

Savannah opened its doors for the first time in 1997 and since then it remains as a key place in the mythical Sunset Strip of San Antonio or as we say in Spanish, the walk of the sunset. A place that reflects the true feeling of Ibiza's liveliest summer.

How to get.

Follow the Maritime Walk of San Antonio and in the end you will find it.


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