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Discoteca Space Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain

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Space Ibiza has undoubtedly been one of the Most famous clubs in the world and one of the Most awarded

CReopened a new concept that spread throughout Europe, that of After Hour, it closed after the night party, and after two hours, which was what the Spanish law required, it opened again with another day party.

Space He knew how to adapt to the new times by transforming his legendary outdoor terrace in one of the best covered terraces never seen, going from the morning festivities to offering a wide afternoon-night program and all this renewing each season to stay in the vanguard in what clubs are concerned.

El verano 2016 was Last season of Space Ibiza, since the lease of the premises, owned by Empresas Matutes, ended with Pepe Roselló, promoter of the club. For him verano 2017 everything indicates that Space Ibiza will become Ushuaia NightWhile Space Ibiza may open a new location in the San Antonio area, To the west of the island.

With 5 rooms of different environments, Space was a good example in the know-how of club, leaving aside his Excellent weekly programming and the success of your parties Opening and closing It should be noted that Space has one of the best rooms in the world in which a Infrastructures it means:

A modern and large room Amplitude of spaces, different environments where to give everything on the track or relax in their chill out areas. It has the best climate control equipment in Ibiza ... and something very important for any club: A clean and forceful sound it is perfectly heard wherever you are, either in one of its tracks or in its bar numbers.

Beach d 'en Bossa changed from being a family tourism area when Opened the disco there by the 89, to become the favorite area of Younger audience for its wide leisure offer. Without a doubt Space has been a room for the Enjoy the night of Ibiza at all luxury.

Fiestas in Space Ibiza - HONOR - 2020

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