Delirious Ibiza Bar

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Open all year long

Address / Location

Carrer del Passadís, 16, 07800 Eivissa, Illes Balears, Spain

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Delirious Ibiza Bar is a striking downtown cocktail bar. Original cocktails, mezcal and premium drinks in an environment that invites to extend the magic of the nights in Ibiza

It opens its doors in Ibiza Delirious Bar, un different cocktail bar what you're used to

Delirious Ibiza Bar is located in one of the areas with more atmosphere of all Ibiza: the street of the Virgin. The owners of the place have personally been tasked with decorating it, displaying an admirable taste.

The terrace of Delirious Ibiza Bar invites you to spend hours in it while you taste some of its original creations. A space composed of poufs, carpets, natural plants, precious cushions and furniture brought directly from Morocco. A ethnic style that falls in love at first sight.

La Ambiental music will accompany you during your visit, yes, to the perfect volume to have a conversation with your companion without having to raise your voice. In addition, you will enjoy a close treatment and a family atmosphere that will make you repeat without thinking.

But if there's something surprising, it's their cocktails Combinations of flavors of the most creative with fresh and novel ingredients. Un professional cocktail is responsible for mixing fruits, liquors or spirits to delight you with elaborations that stand out for their flavor and for its careful presentation. Creations that go beyond the classic to discover new sensations through taste.

In addition to its cocktail menu, Delirious Ibiza Bar serves beers, wines, shots, premium brand drinks or mezcal, the distillate of the moment.

They have different brands of drinks and, if you can not find yours, do not hesitate to tell your team. They will listen carefully and try to find it, because Delirious loves to take care of the customer.

To make matters worse, you can accompany any of the combined with different appetizers. From simple ones olives until some other sausage top or table with bread with tomato. And, if you do not feel like drinking alcohol, you can also ask for a refreshment or a coffee. The issue is that you have a pleasant time in a very suggestive environment.

Come to know Delirious Ibiza Bar and let it become your new point of reference when it comes to enjoying a night of ten in Ibiza.


Luminous Plankton. A hyper refreshing cocktail made with kiwi, vodka and white wine. The 'Delirious of love' with vodka and blueberries is also a must, as well as the 'Melón Teraphy', with fresh melon, vodka, melon liqueur and a touch of lemon.

How to get there

It is located just behind the famous street of the Virgin of the port of Ibiza. Take it and take the tunnel that you will see on the right. As soon as you get out, you'll see Delirious on the left side of the street.


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