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Malanga Café, Ibiza, Spain

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Malanga has become a haven for the best black music in Ibiza. A place that gathers a resident public with desire to enjoy the Ibiza night

If we can boast of something in Ibiza It's from the Musical wealth who owns the island. To this, places like Malanga Café Ibiza, a pub where Musical quality surpasses what has been known so far In other bars of similar characteristics.

Malanga has nothing to do with those impersonal and cold spaces. In this little place Located in the center of Vila the predominance family atmosphere, the one of familiar faces, that much appreciated by the residents.

More than a year and a half ago, three friends decided to embark on this adventure that, to this day, has also become that of lovers of black music. The idea of ​​opening a place like this was forged in the head of three colleagues united by music. Ibiza was the meeting point for the talents of Juan Soul, Fosc and Dj Bebé. Soon after getting to know each other, they began to do sessions, organize parties, events, work together in different places ... This is how people began to take an interest in their music. An interest that pushed them to create a place where Funk, hip-hop, soul, reggae or African rhythms, Among others, were the Indisputable protagonists.

And not only that, but Malanga has been conceived as a cultural space. Since its opening it has Exhibitions of painting, graffiti, graphic design and even Micro theater events. Once a month they organize one of their most successful events: Language exchange Of ABLA Ibiza. An activity that brings together a good number of people eager to learn other languages.

Special mention deserve the Djs who have gone through the cabin of Malanga. Some of the most recognized come from places as diverse as England, France, Germany, New York and even Australia. Julien Lebrun, dj Floro, Smoove, Russ Dewbury, Fred Guzzo the Jr. Dynamite they have been part of their posters at some other occasion. Quantic & Nickodemus, Rainer Trüby, Boca 45, Mr Doris, Señor Lobo, Dj Turmix and many more have also been heard in the local Ibizan.

Dancing until the wee hours of the morning the most attractive rhythms of black music becomes a pleasure in Malanga. You can also accompany this moment with any of the Premium drinks That they serve. They are Specialists in Gin Tonics, The fashionable drink, and in their refrigerators do not miss the brands most coveted by the authentic ones Brewers.

They open both in summer and in winter. The months of high season open every day y up to 3.30 In the early morning you can have your drink in your Cozy terrace. During the winter they open the Thursday, Friday, Saturdays and eves of holidays and special dates. The schedule is always 23 to 6 hours, both in winter and in summer.

Head over to this magnificent place and let yourself be carried away by a Atmosphere full of good vibes.

How to get there

Malanga is located in the famous passages located next to the port of Ibiza. From the port, take Bartomeu Rosselló Avenue and, when you find the Superdry clothing store, turn right. It's right on the corner of the next street.

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