Destination Ibiza Opening Party with Music On

The Destination Ibiza Opening Party 2019 is celebrated on Thursday 30 in May with Music On, with performances by Marco Carola and Apollonia

The paradisiacal opening party Destination Ibiza It is always very special. The luxurious resort of the Pacha Group celebrates its first summer event this year in collaboration with a brand as powerful as Music On. And, as we already told you, Pacha and Music On are collaborators this summer 2019.

Target date! The Destination Ibiza Opening Party 2019 with Music On Is celebrated the 30 May 2019 ThursdayIn hours 17 a 24 Hora.

To put music to the party will be four authentic giants of electronics. As headliner the Italian pioneer of techno Marco Carola, Head of Music On, with its innovative and energetic mixtures. And as guests, putting soundtrack to one of the most beautiful sunsets of the island, will be the French trio Apollonia, with that unique and irresistible sound.

An incredible Daytime Party at spectacular location Destination Ibiza in Cap Martinet. Facilities that are pure comfort and luxury with a unbeatable views of the sea, Dalt Vila and Formentera.

And the great news is that this will be only the first of a series of large Music On events in the incredible outdoor enclosure of Destination this season 2019. We will inform you of all of them.

For now, you can now reserve the date for this great musical session in one of the most beautiful places on the island.

Line-UP Full Destination Ibiza Opening Party with Music On at Pacha Ibiza Destination Club

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