Teatro Pereyra Ibiza (Honorary)

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Open all year long

Address / Location

Carrer del Comte de Rosselló, 3, 07800 Ibiza, Spain

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The mythical Teatro Pereyra, in the center, filled Ibiza's nightlife from 1988 with unparalleled charm thanks to its live music and great atmosphere.

Went there for 1988 when Teatro Pereyra Ibiza opened its doors and has been in 2018 when he has given the final goodbye to his followers. Since then he has not stopped offering top Live music concerts from Monday to Saturday throughout the year. It was one of those few places where very different characters lived together: tourists, workers, businessmen, sailors, residents ... Of course, they were all looking for the same thing: a Spectacular atmosphere, warm and welcoming and, especially, daring live music shows.

Its owners boasted about something hard to find on the island: I did not have private or VIP tables. This fact is one of those that granted him a charm without equal, In addition to the building itself, which was Built in 1898 y Declared of Cultural Interest in 2001.

La Musical variety of this peculiar space he had no limits. Soul, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Funk and to Latin rhythms, everything had a place here. On the stage of the Pereyra they passed International artists become legends. They even lost track of the number of artists who came to their tables. In them they allowed to see personalities like Tete Montoliu, Kool and the Gang, Muriel Fowler, Dave Jeffs, Vargas, Matteo Crocetti o Kym Mazzelle. All of them achieved To excite daily to a public more than delivered that he let himself be enveloped by that aura of an old place where everything could happen.

Teatro Pereyra did not charge entrance and was open all year. It was always full of people drinking a good drink, dancing and having fun with their live shows.

The comedy was also a regular of the winter months in Pereyra. Every Thursday some of the most famous comedians of the national panorama They passed by the establishment of the hand of Cocktails of Laughter. People like David Guapo o Toni Moog they made Thursday nights moments of endless laughter.

El bi-champion of cocktails in Ibiza Juan Pedro Domínguez was responsible for making the delicious cocktails that were served unceasingly.

The most popular nights of the island gave way to the tranquility of the days in the Theater. Have a good coffee with a toast on its famous terrace it was a moment that few resisted.

Teatro Pereyra was a legendary venue in Ibiza where Drinking something, having fun and being comfortable while enjoying music in all its aspects was possible. It was undoubtedly one of the essential in Ibiza and will last in the memory of many of those who accumulated incredible experiences among its four walls.

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