Heart Ibiza welcomes on Tuesday 18 of June 2019 the innovative show ARIA, The Ultimate Opera Show, with Alex Neri, Federico Grazzini, Mind / The / Gap and Sylvia Operé

Heart Ibiza presents ARIA: The Ultimate Opera Show, an incredible show experimental opera, theater and music that you can enjoy the Tuesday 18 of June of 2019.

It is a unique experience that this innovative club hosted last summer. A contemporary version of the opera Madama Butterfly, Puccini, conceived by the designer, architect and international artist Marianna Vittorioso. Dancers, DJs and other artists carry out a performance that manages to create a suspended moment, outside of time, where the viewer connects with their deepest and innermost feelings.

A party seductive, different and magical combining incredible music, art, video, dance, sensuality and provocation and that takes that great show that is the opera (total art) to the biggest stage of contemporary music: Ibiza.

In front of the Line Up of the night will be Alex blacks, accompanied by Federico Grazzini, Mind / The / Gap and Sylvia Operé. In addition, the most incredible performers and dancers will accompany this exceptional musical menu.

To reserve your VIP table you can contact in reservas@heartibiza.com or on the phone +34 971 933 777.

An multi-sensory party in one of the fashionable places of the island.

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