Es Vedrà, refuge of myths and ancestral legends

Do you know the fables that revolve around Es Vedrà? UFOs, their particular Bermuda Triangle, ladies of light, celestial beings ...

At first glance, Es Vedra it is not more than Another islet which remains motionless in the deep waters Of the Mediterranean. Located in San Jose, Ibiza, is not an accessible place if it is not by boat and with a special permit, since is part of the Natural Park of Es Vedrà, Es Vedranell and the Illots of Ponent.
It should be noted Its beauty and its dimensions (382 meters high), which surprise everyone who sees it for the first time, as well as Wonderful sunsets that can be seen behind him every sunset. Up there all normal. The thing changes when you start reading about the rock and you fall into the account of the number of legends circulating around them.Es-Vedra2

Many are those who claim that gives off an unusual magic and that has been witness of various natural phenomena which do not have a logical explanation.

Parapsychologists and researchers who have studied it claim that possesses an accumulation of energy Similar to the pyramids of Egypt or the statues of Easter Island, among others.

However, if someone was a pioneer in spreading all kinds of myths, it was the priest Francisco Palau, founder of the monastery of the Carmelites in the town of Es Cubells. Palau, who sometimes went to Es Vedrà to meditate, had in one of his works the sightings of "ladies of light and celestial beings" which he witnessed there between 1854 and 1860.

The Triangle of Silence

One of the most talked about theories about this area is that Es Vedrà is part of 'El Triángulo del Silencio', together with the Peñón de Ifach, in Alicante, and the southwest coast of Mallorca.

This resembles the celebrated 'Bermuda Triangle' where, presumably, most of the ships and planes that passed through it disappeared.Es-Vedra

It is understood by some skilled in the art that messenger pigeons lose their sense of direction when they fly over Es Vedrà and there are sailors who believe they have seen strange objects under their boats. A mystery.

Es Vedrà and the UFO phenomenon

The island has attracted attention since time immemorial researchers of paranormal phenomena that ensure that this place is related to the UFO phenomenon And that, in particular, was one of the main protagonists of the 'Manises Case'.

The event took place in November of 1979 when a plane which covered the route Palma de Mallorca-Canarias had to land in Valencia because, according to the pilots of the apparatus, they were haunted by a flying device that the commander could not identify. He commented back then that he saw two Red lights that they did not allow him to recognize the object, Was moving at an abnormally fast speed and that he requested the landing for fear of a collision.

Another of the theories related to this subject states that there is an underwater UFO base on the islet. Some divers have reported seeing different lights under the rock, in addition to hearing strange noises that, at times, They altered the route of the fish.

Just a few months ago, there appeared in this area a mysterious spiral in the sea Which, while some attributed to the sea currents that occur in this area, others attributed to all kinds of strange phenomena caused by the islet. Year after year, myths multiply around Es Vedrà and feed their fame both residents and visitors who, despite the initial disbelief, feel the curiosity to know them because what they do perceive is the mysterious force that this stone giant .

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    Good Morning. I plan to visit Ibiza in the month of December. I would very much like to visit Es Vedra. I do not know in what area of ​​the island I'm going to lodge. I travel alone. I would like you to advise me regarding the permits that you have to apply to get to the island. I do not know if I have to do it in advance or I can do it when I arrive in Ibiza. Any other recommendation regarding accommodation, means of transport or places to visit are welcome. Thank you very much

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