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Guide to hotels, apartments, hostels and camping on the island of Ibiza.
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Agroturismo Sa Talaia san jose Ibiza 00

The island of Ibiza offers its thousands of visitors a wide range of accommodation. Hotels of all categories where tourists can enjoy their stay In Ibiza in the most comfortable way and with all luxury services. Notably the majority renews and modernizes its facilities every season, something that positions the hotel plant in Ibiza among the highest quality in the Spanish market.

The options at the time of sleep in Ibiza They are endless. On the island you can find themed hotels as Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza, pioneer in Europe, or accommodations in which big parties they are an extra attraction, as is the case Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel o Destination Ibiza.

The island also has Grand Luxury hotels like Ibiza Gran Hotel and with lots of Agrotourism, authentic paradises for the relax and to connect with nature. Some of the most popular are Atzaró Ibiza o Agroturismo Sa Talaia, ideal also for enjoy with family.

Atzaro Ibiza
Agroturismo Atzaro Ibiza

Another interesting alternative is that of apart-hotels or tourist apartments, in which you can enjoy greater independence. They tend to be somewhat cheaper than hotels, especially if they are long stays.

Also, although they are few, there are several campings on the island of Ibiza where you can spend the night with your store, caravan or roulot and enjoy some holidays in Ibiza at your own pace One of the best known is the Cala Nova, a few meters from that same beach.

In this section you will find all the information you accurate on hotels, agritourism, hostels, apartments or campsites on the island of Ibiza.

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