Aigües Blanques - Aguas Blancas

Aigües Blanques, northeast of Ibiza, is an open beach protected by high cliffs. A beach where you can practice nudism and apply mud baths

Aigües Blanques, the beach of s'Aigua Blanca or, as they know it in Spanish, Aguas Blancas is at northwest of the island of Ibiza. Is a long beach, exposed to the wind from the east and protected by large cliffs, which gives it a somewhat wild aspect. Anyone could think that it is a somewhat inhospitable place, but the truth is that it has a special charm that usually catches all those who venture to approach it.

And we say to venture not because it is wrong signpost, but because to get there you have to go down a long slope, asphalted, yes. Keep in mind that going down does not cost too much, but when you go up you'll have to throw something more valuable, especially on days of plenty of sunshine. Formerly you could get off with the car but not now. The issue is that you will have to park your vehicle around for free or pay parking.

Just step on arena you will notice that it has a little more color dark than most coves and beaches of Ibiza. From her You can see the beautiful island of Tagomago. It is also quite long, which gives you the possibility of giving you a great walk from side to side. As for its width, it varies depending on the waves that, sometimes, eat part of the shore.

Another aspect that stands out in Aigües Blanques is that its public is very diverse: young people, families, couples ... The atmosphere is relaxed and silent.
Beside is Cavallet, The beach of Aguas Blancas is traditionally considered as nudist.

On one side of the beach you will see that there is a area where you can apply clay. Many say that if you mix it with water and put it on the skin and even the hair acts as a natural tonic. However, this theory is not proven.

It has two beach bars: a larger one next to the downhill road and a smaller one a little further south. Both have service Sunbeds and umbrellas, a very good option in the days of big waves, which are repeated frequently in Aigües Blanques.

The data

If you are like lizards and do not turn away from the sun or for a moment, bear in mind that, due to the characteristics of the beach, it remains in shadow in the early afternoon. For others, this may be a blessing.

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Getting there

It can be accessed from San Carlos, following the signs on the road or also from Cala San Vicente on a road that continues parallel to the northwest coast.

How to get there


Car the motorcycle.


Extensive sandy area with frequent waves. The views from the beach are excellent.

Length and Width

300 meters in length and width from 5 to 15 meters.

Shore and bottom

Fine sand dotted with rocky areas. Slope slightly pronounced.

Orientation and winds

East, northwest. In summer there are strong winds from the east that enter from the sea to land.


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