Es Codolar Beach

Es Codolar beach, near Ibiza, offers bathers a relaxed atmosphere with great views. A tip, do not forget your booties!

If you hate sand above all things, it's Codolar, it's your beach! Composed solely of boulders on the outside, keep in mind that perhaps a pareo to lie down is not enough. Is better than bring a good mat or towel if you want to be comfortable.

In the water you will find sand. When you enter it you will have to avoid some stones but, after a stretch, appears the sand that brings clarity to the background that has.

In full Ses Salines Natural ParkWithout a doubt, the views it offers are spectacular. Is one of the most extensive beaches on the islandTherefore you'll never find it full, another point in his favor. Many are the ones who come to her to walking the dog y few who go with the family because of its characteristics. What is clear is that if you have some booties You should take them, since they will be very useful for you.

La peace and tranquility that is breathed on the beach is Codolar is truncated at times by the passage of airplanes. Yes, the airport is right next to it of the cove, thereby it will not be difficult to see them take off and land, an image admired by many.

Es Codolar has several chiringuitos where it is best to settle when the sun begins to fall to contemplate the colors and stelae that leaves after leaving the sky. Do not expect more services in it, in any case a little before arrival there is a supermarket where you can get what you need to spend your long beach day.

A data

When they are inside the Natural Park of ses Salines, they say that es Codolar is a perfect place for bird watching. If you are interested in ornithological tourism you know that you can carry your binoculars in the backpack.

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Getting there

Head towards the airport and, before arriving, in front of the Ponderosa restaurant, go straight on. You will take a curve to the right and you must continue until you see the detour that leads to the beach.

How to get there


You can get there by bike from the airport, but the most advisable thing is the car or the motorbike. In summer there is also a bus.


Long beach of boulders and little frequented in a natural environment with hardly any buildings.

Length and Width

3 kilometers in length and 30 in width.

Shore and bottom

As its name suggests, the beach is medium-sized boulders and natural gravel toasted. Background of sand, rocks and gravel, with areas of great depth.

Orientation and winds

South orientation.



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