Cala Boix

Cala Boix, in Santa Eulalia, is the only dark sand beach in Ibiza. In it you will find a quiet environment and highly recommended for families

Cala Boix, in Santa Eulalia, it is one of those beaches well known by locals but not so much by tourists. It has a dark sand unique on the island of Ibiza. It has the advantage of being very quiet and have good restaurants for lunch or dinner.

You arrive by car from the town of San Carlos, to the northeast, so if you go to the flea market Las Dalias or you're in that area, it's a good choice to escape from beaches or more massive coves. You must take the car or motorbike to get up to her. In the parking lot you will find a somewhat steep staircase that you will have to go down until you reach the sand. It is not an advisable place for people with reduced mobility, since it is not well adapted to these characteristics.

Once down you will discover that, being protected by a cliff, beautiful surroundings typically Mediterranean pine landscapes, that their blue waters contrast with the darkness of its sand and that its surf, Although it is usually soft on days with little wind, it is something stronger than in other coves or neighboring beaches.

Cala Boix has some Sunbeds and umbrellas what you can rent You will also have space in the sand to accommodate you, but before that, one thing to keep in mind! As the sand it's dark here heats up a lot more with the heat of the sun, so watch your feet, do not go to burn yourself.

On the beach there is only one chiringuito Rustic style and quite high that will allow you to enjoy perfectly the views that this environment gives you. If what you want is to eat something more forceful, Cala Boix has a typical and traditional gastronomic offer, very interesting and of high quality, in which their seafood. Two very popular restaurants among the residents are grouped around the parking lot: Restaurant Cala Boix, with more than 40 years of tradition in Ibiza, and La Noria.

If you fall in love with the place and want to stay longer, there is a small, modest, family hostel with a moderate price: Hostal Cala Boix.

In short, Cala Boix still maintains that calm and local air that treasures the north of the island.

A data

At the end of the cove, on one side, there is an area where you usually practice nudism, so if you are used to it, go ahead!

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Getting there

You arrive from San Carlos, taking the paved road and following the relevant signs. Access to the beach is through a ladder that is not recommended for people with reduced mobility.

How to get there


Car the motorcycle.


Cove well sheltered by cliffs.

Length and Width

100 meters long and 15 wide.

Shore and bottom

Of fine and dark sand both on the beach and in the background.

Orientation and winds



Beach dCala Salada


  1. Javier says

    Hello, Cala Boix is ​​oriented to the South, and the beach on the side is not a nudist, although someone does nudity from time to time, so I do not think it is right to urge to do nudism in a place where it is not legal do it ...
    a greeting

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