Cala d'en Serra

In Cala d'en Serra, in San Juan, you will be fascinated by the purity of its landscape. Put on your shoes and go down to the sand. It will be worth it!

If you have risen with enough energy to know one of the most authentic corners of Ibiza, Do not think about it. But, we suggest you look for another more accessible beach since Cala d'en Serra, en San Juan, it's not exactly a path of roses. Do not be scared, with a little patience you will reach the sand and we assure you that it will have been a very satisfactory walk.

From the top of the mountain you can contemplate the small cove, something that surely encourages you to descend the mountain, since The views are awesome. Carry a Comfortable footwear and ready to go down without haste, As everything is done in Ibiza.

Once you arrive, you will find a virgin environment surrounded by vegetation and with its famous fishermen's huts. Only a snack bar and a few hammocks They break with the aesthetics of the natural. In that small bar you can have a snack that will help you recover your strength.

Surrounded by steep cliffs and mountains full of green vegetation, cala d'en Serra Does not have too large dimensions. Is composed of Medium grain sand both inside and outside of the water. Once you submerge yourself in it you will also see that there are rocks covered with algae, which contributes to shaping the color palette that is seen from the outside. It is the ideal place to practice Scuba diving or snorkeling.

In cala d'en Serra the most common is to find Residents. Few are Tourists that are lost in these areas and It is not too usual to go with children, its Hard access.

If you like to swim, to one side of the beach There is another small shelter well sheltered Where the calm is multiplied.


If from above you observe the cove and you see that there are not too many people in the water It is not usually chance. There may be jellyfish and, if so, you can save yourself a good walk down. If your companions have arrived before, do not jump into the adventure and take the opportunity to ask.

A data

Just before reaching the beach you will encounter a half-demolished building that breaks with the purity of the landscape. This is a hotel that started to be built in 1969. Nowadays, there are those who advocate finalizing the work and also a large number of detractors who choose to knock it down at once.

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Getting there

Go to Portinatx and, when you pass the Arenal Gros (it is indicated), take the road on the right. Follow 900 meters and, when you see a path to the left, take it. Continue until you see the parking lot of the cove.

How to get there


Car or motorcycle. There are quite a few slopes when arriving.


It is one of the most wild and unspoiled areas of the island, with an incredible panoramic view of the Mediterranean landscape.

Length and Width

45 meters in length and 30 in width.

Shore and bottom

The sand is natural of medium grain and light color with areas of pebbles. The bottom consists of sand, stones and rocks covered with algae.

Orientation and winds

Northwest. Smooth winds from sea to land.




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