Cala Es Cubells

Es Cubells cove, in San José, is located at the foot of the cliffs of the same town. A wild beach of boulders and difficult access

Located at the foot of the beautiful Cliffs Of the small town of It's Cubells, in San JoseIs divided into three parts differentiated by rocky ledges.

In some areas of its exterior you will find stretches of sand, however, it is formed mainly by boulders. Within the water its composition is similar: Alternates clearings of sand with rocks, some of them of considerable size, so you should be careful when entering the sea and be attentive to the unevenness, which are usually quite pronounced.
Once inside, do not forget the diving goggles and the fins since you can contemplate the beauty of the marine fauna and flora in all its splendor.

Cubells beach does not have easy access, since it is not even marked. To get there you must park your car and walk a not too long stretch, but it is somewhat uncomfortable due to the slopes that form it. This characteristic, together with those mentioned above, make It is not a recommended place to go as a family.

It does not have No type of service, does not even have the famous hammocks that infest the beaches of Ibiza summer after summer, so Tranquility is assured. We recommend that, in this case, do not take the opportunity to show off the precious pairing that you have bought, but make yourself a good mat. Your back will thank you.

If you like the Hiking, Es Cubells offers you the possibility to walk through its coast and discover other beaches of difficult access but with a peculiar charm as they are Cala Llentrisca or ses Boques. This last one also gives name to one of the best known restaurants of fish and typical food of Ibiza so, if you are tired of the beach, come by Ses boques To taste some of their most delicious dishes.

Do not forget to ...

Once you have arrived here, make a stop to discover the urban center of es Cubells. It will not take you more than a few minutes, since it consists of several restaurants and its beautiful church, Which dates from the year 1864 and has the typical architecture of Ibiza.
We are sure that the spectacular views from the cliff will leave you speechless.

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Getting there

From the town of es Cubells, in San José, there is a detour to the left that indicates the beach. The access is through an asphalted track.

How to get there


Car or motorcycle There is also a bus line that covers the route to es Cubells.


Trio of small coves separated by rocky areas. Stunning place submerged between cliffs.

Length and Width

300 meters in length and 10 in width.

Shore and bottom

Shore with boulders of medium size, alternated with plains and sets of rocks. Sand bottoms with some rocky areas. The depth in the sand area increases at a short distance from the shore.

Orientation and winds



Beach dCala Salada


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