Cala Jondal

Cala Jondal, in San José, has become one of the most popular beaches of lbiza. Residents and celebrities come together in this beautiful beach every summer

Cala Jondal has become in recent years one of the most frequented beaches on the island. This is because some of the most important beach clubs have been installed in it and, over time, have been acquiring a disproportionate fame.

If you're looking for some calm You can go to Cala Jondal, in San Jose, at first hour of the morning. However, if you just want to enjoy a day at the beach, good music and tasty cocktails come closer after eating. Another great option is that you eat directly on the beach. You can splicing the day with the night.

Without a doubt Cala Jondal is one of the Ibiza's fashionable beaches thanks to clubs like the famous Blue Marlin, whose parties are known worldwide. There are also restaurants of the Tropicana Beach Club, whose family tradition is evident in each of the dishes that come out of his kitchen. A good rice or fresh fish It is a classic that everyone likes. You can also get closer to Yemanjwill, another of the essential, where they mix the tradition with the most current flavors. Try your bullit of peix and take on the palate a great gastronomic memory of Ibiza. At Es Savina restaurant, In addition to lunch or dinner, you can have a good cocktail in the pleasant beach bar.

The beach itself is formed by boulders of a considerable size, so forget the option of the pareo if it is not to tie it around your waist and begin to consider putting the backpack or mat in your backpack. hammock rental. En el water interior you will also find rocks and, as you move away from the shore, gross sand. There are several gateways along the cove so you access the sea without problems.

The landscape that surrounds this place is worthy of note. Mountains on both sides full of vegetation and cliffs which protect its waters from the strong currents.

To go with children It is ideal if you go with the intention of eating in its restaurants, however, the beach itself, due to its composition, is not the most appropriate for them.


Cala Jondal is a trend, so if you want more than just sunbathing and taking a dip in its waters, do not forget your wallet!

The data

If you are lying in your towel and, suddenly, someone whose face is familiar to you passes by, you can assume that you have run into a famous person. Cala Jondal is one of the meeting points par excellence of national and international celebrities.

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Getting there

On the road to San José, at kilometer 7, you will find the detour. If you go by the airport road, at the last roundabout you should take the second exit. Once on that road, you will find the indication to get there.

How to get there


Automobile or motorcycle


Wide bay well protected from winds and waves due to its south orientation.

Length and Width

300 meters in length and 20 in width.

Shore and bottom

Shore with boulders and sand coming from the bottom. Walls of boulders alternating with areas of sand. Soft gradient, only in the entrance is something more exaggerated.

Orientation and winds



Beach dCala Salada


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