Cala Molí

Cala Molí will love you for the endless colors you will see in its sea and, above all, in the sky when leaving the beach at dusk

Cala Molí is one such Typical Ibiza coves to look for tranquility. Without even getting out of the car, you will discover that the road is not the best that you have taken on the island, because you are going down a mountain, so slow down, not only for safety, but because at the same time You can contemplate the beach from above, a beautiful panoramic that will make you enter an uncontrollable desire to arrive.

Once there, you should not have much trouble parking your car, however, you know that this depends on the time you arrive.

Cala Molí is composed by small boulders and coarse sand, so it's all right to take a mat. If not, you can take advantage of the sunshades and hammocks which owns the beach.

As for the sea, we are sure you will be amazed. In the center, on the left bank, there is a zone of turquoise waters that stands out in an incredible way on the rest of the water, something darker because the bottom is formed by boulders and some areas of algae. Release your water shoesbecause here you will take advantage of them. However, if you forget them do not suffer either, the size of the stones is not so big that you can not enter, you just have to pay a little more attention.

Once inside, Put on your snorkels! Do not be frightened by the size of some of the fish you will see, since it is they who will flee from you. Cala Molí is the place ideal for snorkeling. Between its rocks and cliffs you will find all kinds of marine fauna and flora. And if you prefer to be a mere observer from the outside, take one of the Pedal booths which you can rent in the cove and take a leisurely stroll through its waters. To be sheltered by two mountains, the wind does not penetrate it in an exaggerated way and, therefore, the swell is usually not very pronounced.

You can go with the family. Children will have a great time playing with the pebbles on the shore and wondering with the small fish that will contemplate without the need of glasses thanks to the clarity of the water.

And if you want to eat something in one of the most exclusive restaurants in San José, Bagatelle Beach Ibiza It awaits you with its doors open. Food with European influences, a large pool and the most pleasant environment facing the sea.


If you stay in Cala Molí until dusk, take the opportunity to make a stop at one side of the road and walk a bit cross country but also to get to edge of the mountain. The colors that the sunset brings in this area they are spectacular. Roses, oranges, yellows, reds ... a whole palette of colors that you will never forget.

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Getting there

It can be accessed from Cala Vadella or from Cala Tarida, both roads paved and conveniently signposted.

How to get there


Car the motorcycle.


Small closed cove surrounded by pine trees with beautiful views.

Length and Width

75 meters in length and 35 in width.

Shore and bottom

Shore of natural sand somewhat thick with rocky areas. Very varied backgrounds: sand and boulders, rocks and underwater vegetation. Little depth with moderate unevenness.

Orientation and winds



Beach dCala Salada


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