Caló des Moro

Caló des Moro is an easy access cove at the end of the San Antonio promenade where you can enjoy one of Ibiza's best-known sunsets

Caló des Moro is a small urban cove of sand located outside the Bay Sant Antoni, under the walk Ses Variades. It is an area well known by tourists and locals. This is due to the large number of bars that have to contemplate the sunset and by the influx of people who are concentrated in this area every afternoon.

Well, Caló des Moro is a small sandy area located at the end of the Paseo Marítimo, in the center of the city. Usually frequented by tourists They stay in the surrounding hotels.

Caló des Moro has multiple services as access ramp for people with reduced mobility, sunbeds and umbrellas, showers, water skates and a good offer of water sports. In its vicinity you will also find restaurants, various accommodations and bars.

There is usually plenty of parking in the surrounding streets, however, everything depends on the time you go. If you happen to pass just at the time the sun goes down, it may be more difficult for you to park.

El Exterior of Caló des Moro is fine sand. Water, despite not being as clear as in the rest of Ibiza's beaches, It is usually clean, and its fondo intermingles the arena with the rocks However, what makes this tiny cove really special are its aforementioned sunsets. Is a privileged place of easy access and comfortable where to enjoy this free beauty that nature gives us on a daily basis. You can see it from the beach itself, but if you also want to take something or eat, you should know that Golden Buddha It is one of the most mythical restaurants in this area.

In summary, if you are in San Antonio and do not feel like moving or just want to see a spectacular sunset, with or without a drink in hand, visit Caló des Moro.

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Getting there

Once you get to San Antonio, head towards the end of the port. Right there you will see some catwalks, on the right, that take you to the Paseo de ses Variades. Continue through them and a few meters away you will see the beach.

How to get there


It can be reached on foot or by bike from San Antonio, by motorcycle, car or bus.


It is a very comfortable place because of its proximity to the center and because it has interesting sand and rock backgrounds for diving.

Length and Width

80 meters in length and 20 in width.

Shore and bottom

Natural fine sand shore. Background of sand and rocky areas with seaweed. The slope is slightly pronounced.

Orientation and winds



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